Musk upgrades old models , Tesla immediately becomes a technology circle —— Even the hot topic in the space industry .

   see , Racing steering wheel ( It's also said that spaceship style ), Now it's an upgraded new model Model S/X Standard configuration .

   in addition , More intuitive and convenient LCD instrument :

   And for game entertainment and further optimization of the control screen .

   The owner said , Buy a new Tesla , Just to fight 《 wizard 3》.

   Change the interior , New car look

  Model X/S The original interior was like this :

   A round steering wheel , Vertical touch screen , Plus LCD behind the steering wheel .

   So a comparison of the new upgrade , Changes are very different .

   Especially the sci-fi steering wheel , The quiet driving characteristics of electric vehicles , I feel like I'm really driving a spaceship .

   Due to the change of steering wheel , It will be more convenient and intuitive to observe the dashboard when driving .

   Except for the square steering wheel , High resolution display (2200 x 1300) outside , This time the built-in central control host , You can even fight directly 《 wizard 3》:

   There's something under the screen Type C Fast charging port of mobile phone :

   in addition , New and Model 3 Also, the HVAC system without ventilation is adopted , And the use of wood decoration , So the air outlet of the air conditioner in the back row , It becomes a wireless game connection screen :

   New car game console , It is said to be comparable to the mainstream game machines on the market , It's loaded every second 10 A processor capable of trillions of floating point operations .

   Compared with other car manufacturers “ Make a fuss ”, Tesla is not going up , One liter is amazing .

  8 Year after year , It's like a new collection .

   Except for the interior , The appearance of the vehicle has also changed , Like the front lip :

   And on the optional power version ,Model S and Model X Also unifies the growth endurance edition , Three motor high performance Plaid edition , and Plaid plus edition .(Model
X Not available at this time Plaid plus edition )

   among Model S Full range of long range version 663 kilometre ,Plaid edition 628 kilometre , and Plaid Plus Version of the estimated endurance over 840 kilometre .

  Plaid That's the Tesla battery day , The 100 km acceleration model announced by musk 2.1 Second performance monster .

   And more advanced Plaid plus edition , The exact figures have not yet been released , But the horsepower is more than 1100 Horse , The acceleration will be faster , less than 2.1 second , And it's very fast 320km/h.

   Tesla official announcement said , It has broken the record of the fastest mass production vehicle ever , Bibugadi · Kailong needs to be faster .

  Model S/X: I'm getting stronger , It's getting more expensive

   Old model upgrade , The price has also been upgraded .

   This new edition Model S/X Options for , In painting , Interior , Number of seats , Basically, the price has gone up .

   Official standard pure black .

   If you want to choose another color , Please increase the price 15000 element .

   in addition , Friends who like Chinese Red , There's no need to increase the price .

   This is a price increase , Now with Porsche Cayenne It's a fight ……( The figure below shows the price of Porsche )

   in addition ,Model S Optional 21 Inch wheel hub , Price 42500 element ,Model X Optional 22 Inch wheel hub , Price 52100 element .

   This is the pricing standard , I think it's the same with Porsche Cayenne alignment .

   and Model X Seat selection ,5 The seats are standard ,6 The price of seats needs to be increased 61200 element ,7 The price of seats will be increased 33100 element .

   It's a lot more expensive than before .

   It should be noted that , There is also a relative price reduction .

   In terms of interior style , Black is still standard , Interior in black and white and beige , You need to increase the price 8000 element , Compared with the previous 1.3 ten thousand , It's cheaper .

   last , The most important extra charge , Nature or self driving .

   There is no Tesla equipped with automatic driving , What's Tesla ?

   therefore , Please pay more 64000 Yuan bar .

   When will it open ?

   We can book it now .

   Chinese prices have also been released . new pattern Model S Dual motor long life version , Basic configuration price 799990 element .

   Installed 3 High performance of two motors Plaid edition , Basic configuration price 999990 element , Speed to 320 Kilometers per hour Plaid plus edition , Basic selling price
1134900 element .

  Model S Complete basic price list for ( Beggar version ), as follows :

   This is the basic price list , Including the new interior “ racing ” Steering wheel , Large horizontal screen itself and other standard configuration .

   The wheel hub to be optional is not included , Car paint , Interior color, etc , And autonomous driving .

  Mosdel X Of Plaid Edition and Model S Plaid identical , Starting price 999900 element . The basic long-term version is 849900 element .

   Basic price list ( Beggar version ), as follows :

   and , No matter what Model S still Model X Of Plaid edition , The price is lower than that announced by the government 17.49 Ten thousand yuan .

   last year 12 month 12 number , Tesla once said in an email to employees ,Model S,Model X Production line to be suspended 18 day , The term is 12 month 24 It's going to be this year 1
month 11 number .

   at that time , Tesla did not explain why , But judging from today's situation , It may be the adjustment for the production of new models .

   at present , New model after upgrade , It's on the official website “ this year 3 Quarterly delivery ” My prediction :

   Does the owner buy it or not ?

   New powertrain , Minor changes in appearance , Of course, there is the most eye-catching interior experience , For Tesla owners , Is it fragrant or not ?

   One of us Model X Car owner friend , I looked at the details very carefully , And then there's the worry :

   such as , The new layout changes the air outlet of the rear air conditioner into a screen , From the official map alone , This screen is too low for the rear passengers , You may have to keep your head down .

   And cancel most of the physical buttons in the car , There's not even a shift lever :

   And the steering wheel in this shape , Is it inconvenient to return the wheel in circles ?

   however , Within minutes of the owner's concerns .

   His Tesla Model X Car owners , Someone has finished placing the order .

   Yeah , No price increase , Is it expensive , What is Tesla's problem .