Today, I found that I learned English at that time when I sorted out my study notes SSM I wrote a simple frame Javaweb Dormitory information management system , Although it seems that the writing is not very good now , But writing this article today is also the first time to commemorate myself SSM It's a small project , Don't say much , Go straight ahead .

<> Project brief :

This project is based on SSM Framing JavaWeb project , Full name of project “ Dormitory information management system ” , It is a management system for the convenience of student management based on dormitory system .

<> Project function module :

* Student management : Basic operation of student information .
* Administrator management : Basic operation of administrator information , Including the administrator's CRUD And authorization , Data export function .
* Dormitory management : Mainly used for daily maintenance of dormitory information , Including dormitory introduction , Dormitory honor and student information .
* Visitor management : It is mainly used to record visitor information , In order to facilitate the daily management of visitors .
* System statistics : This module has not been developed , It is mainly used to analyze the performance data between system functions .
<> Project screenshot :

home page ( Dynamic effects )

Main page

Student information display page :

Students add information display page :

Functions include CRUD And the export function of student information , To save time , We won't demonstrate them one by one here .

The following is the administrator's information display page :

Administrator's authority management , The beginning of design is for learning , There is no complicated authorization verification , It's just a password verification authorization :

Export data information :

Dormitory information display page (CRUD The functions will not be demonstrated one by one , Only show the information display page ):

Visitor information :

Visit registration ( Mobile terminal ):

Visitor log :

be based on SSM Framework of dormitory information management system is simply introduced here , Later, we will transform it to be based on SpringBoot Dormitory information management system based on Web , Look forward to the update .

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