At the Xiaomi press conference that ended yesterday , Lei Jun's rare expletives , Xiaomi on release CC9Pro On the issue of price, he directly contacted the microblog users' cloud quotation .

Lei Jun said at the press conference , millet CC9Pro How to price such a high cost , What's more terrifying is that designers use expensive curved screens , Generally speaking, the market price of curved screen mobile phones is around four or five thousand , The cheapest is more than 3000 , The millet CC9Pro What should we do with such a high cost , Look at someone shouting on Weibo 1999, this XXX I'm definitely here to make trouble .

In addition, the mobile phone is also equipped with 5260 Milliampere battery plus 30 Fast charging , Official claim 30 It can charge up to 100% per minute 58,65 It can be recharged in 30 minutes 100%.

In the latest DXOMARK In the ranking of , millet CC9 Pro The camera group got the total score 121 Good grades , And Huawei Mate 30
Pro Tied for first place . The rear camera uses the 13mm-125mm Full focus five shot ,1 Megapixel ultra clear lens ,10 Double hybrid optical zoom lens ,50mm Focal segment classic portrait lens ,2000 Wan ultra wide angle lens and independent macro lens , among 1 Megapixel ultra clear lens and 10 Multiple hybrid optical zoom lenses are supported OIS Optical anti shake . Support laser focusing , Double flash , Double soft light combination .

Other configurations include : high pass 730G, Fingerprint of ultra thin optical screen ,Hi-Res Audio authentication , equivalent 1cc Super large cavity ,NFC, infra-red , Headphone hole , Original appearance MIUI 11 Stable version .

Final official price : millet CC9 Pro 6+128GB 2799,8+128GB 3099,8+256GB 3499 element .

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