According to the needs of the next project, we need to build a background management system , If you don't want to write tedious css Style and adaptability , It can be considered adminlte
, Previously used or adminlte combination node.js ,ejs The template has been set up in the background management system , But when it comes to vue This is based on mvvm Single page application , There is a big difference .

    There are many unexpected problems in the process of building BUG  Fortunately, they were all solved one by one in the end
, Now let's introduce the construction adminlte Template , I think it's a combination vue It's a very rigorous way . If so, what can be optimized , Welcome all the gods to give us some advice . 

First of all, Baidu said all kinds of first installed bootstrap,jquery What's that I don't think so It's not that much trouble In this case, the version is difficult to unify What will happen bug

I recommend the following ways

1: First, build vue-cli3 project
1:npm install @vue/cli -g // install vue-cli 3.0 2:vue create mypoject // Create project

3: Select some features that the project needs

4: The above configuration is not detailed .......... ellipsis

5. implement npm install admin-lte -s      install adminlte integrate

6: find nodemodel Inside admin-lte 


7: Paste to public Under the folder Remove admin-lte Paste all the contents in the external folder directly to the public folder index.html Same level

8: open index.html Specific reference public Below starter.html File import     My order of introduction is posted here   In particular body place and app place
The corresponding class name

9: open app.vue File delete unnecessary things Simple template only   Copy starter.html  body Copy the content of the Department to app.vue template inside

10: Running projects implement npm run serve You can see our background template

Hope to have effect on you !

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