In the age of science and technology ,web The development of the front end is the fastest , Every year before, new keywords were brought to developers, such as applets ,APP, Mixed development .2019 Years have gone quietly , According to the current front-end market data discovery , The front end will still revolve around small programs , super APP, Cross end development , Front end engineering and the application of new technology .



stay 2019 Year is a year of rapid development of small programs , Most mainstream APP All have the ability to support online small programs , The front-end team also has a professional small program development team , Can quickly adapt to the development needs of small programs , meanwhile App
Many of the key functions in the ⼩ Replaced by program , very ⾄ Some App Has become Native ⼩ Program shell , Stress of upper layer ⽤ Implementation is all ⼩ program .

Before the appearance of wechat applet , Everybody is talking
Hybird,ReactNative, But in the end, it's just a technical carnival , There is always no business attribute injection . The appearance of small program , On the one hand, tell the industry in the current equipment Webview
It's not that bad , On the other hand, it tells the industry how to let the capable businesses in the super market APP Private domain operation on Internet .

on the other hand , From a technical point of view , It's on top DSL Under the strict restrictions of , super APP You can define what you want Web standard , Make up for the present Web
Lack of standards , Finally, cooperate with the client , Combined with offline , Preloading , customized Webview The output is similar to NSR And other cool technology models , Give Way Web Low cost in the end Native
The experience of the new edition , It's not going to be like that Weex It's just a little awkward .

However, due to the need to rely on Super APP( WeChat , Alipay , Baidu , Meituan , Headlines, etc ), Due to the differences of specific solutions adopted by various platforms , The landing scheme of the current small program is also different , Sometimes you need to develop multiple sets of code .

Cross end development

Cross end development ⽅⾯,RN ⽣ State already ⾮ Often mature , In other words, there is not much development prospect , Because it's still in the market 0.61 edition , it seems that 1.0 The version is still far away . therefore , This year, a lot of teams have moved to the field ⾕ song ⽣ Stateful
Flutter, especially Flutter for Web The third ⼀ individual Release,⼜ Give Way Web Hope reignited at the front end , itch for a try .

meanwhile , Apple also released a new UI system ——SwiftUI, meanwhile , In the open source community SwiftUI for Web It's already on the way ,SwiftUI for
Android Is it still far away ?

Cross end development ⽅⾯,Flutter It will still develop rapidly , And there will be more developers ,Flutter on JS,SwiftUIfor Web&Android
It will also be open source ⽣ Something to look forward to , After all, there is still no cross end ⼀ It's a perfect solution ⽅ case .

Front end Engineering

At the front end ⼯ Cheng Hua ⽅⾯, The most important basic literacy of developers is through the ⼯ Improve efficiency ,⽽ Front end developers are here ⽅⾯ It will continue to iterate and optimize .

We talked about it once Yoman, talk CLI And so on , But after the team is big, I always feel that it's almost nothing . take the reverse into consideration Java classmate , Never heard of it Spring Boot
Configuration Engineer . Many teams are building a complete front end this year DevOps technological process ⼯ With set ,⼀ Some teams also began to work together , Whatever it is Web
still ⼩ Program item ⽬, New item from ⽬, development , Joint debugging (tiao), deploy , test , release , From operation and maintenance to monitoring statistics , All of them are perfect ⼯ Provide guarantee and improve efficiency , Front end in the future ⼯ Cheng will get better ⾛ More standardized .

expectation 2020 The development of the front end of the year , Front end engineering system will be more closed-loop , It's no longer a scaffold , It's a combination IDE, Get through business attributes , Initialize from project , To write code , reach
CI, To grayscale , To release Form a complete closed loop .


Serverless Of ⽕ burst ⼏ It can be attributed to the front end . because Serverless Can be more perfect ⽀ hold Node.js, send ⽤ Serverless
Help front-end developers solve the problem of ⽤Node.js Many problems in the process .

At present, most of the front-end engineers are professional , Although it can not be compared with the authentic server development students , But it can also write a lot of business logic of the server layer . At present, many companies are doing it BFF
layer , To meet this part of the appeal , But still can not get rid of the operation and maintenance , Machine assignment This is a roadblock . along with Serverless Step by step ,BFF
This layer of code will get rid of operation and maintenance , Machine allocation and other complex problems , At the same time, the front-end students will probably write this part of the code , The realization of the server system . In terms of business , The trial and error cost of the business will also be greatly reduced .

along with Node.js After becoming a necessary skill for front-end developers , The growing popularity of cloud computing will make Serverless
touch ⼿ Accessible . When more and more developers taste R & D ⾼ After the sweet effect ,Serverless The research and development mode of the front end will be improved ⽣ change ⾰.

meanwhile , use Serverless I'm sure my classmates will use it TS. It also means ,2020 No writing TS Maybe it's true Out It's over .


WebAssembly Is a new bytecode format . Its abbreviation is ”.wasm”, .wasm
Suffix the file name , Is a new underlying security binary syntax .. It is defined as “ Streamlining , Short loading time format and execution model ”, And designed to Web Multi language object file format .
This means that the performance of the browser side will be greatly improved , It also enables us to implement a collection of underlying building blocks , But make no mistake , This does not mean that WebAssmbly It's to replace
JavaScript Born of ~ It's like Bjarne
Stroustup That's right :“JS It's going to be great , Because there are only two types of languages in the world : People make complaints about a language. , Another kind of language is not used at all !” and Eric
EIIiott think :“ It's better not to WebAssembly Just as a programming language , In fact, it's more like a compiler .”

WebAssembly The core of JavaScript engine V8 Now it includes Liftoff This is a new model WebAssembly baseline
compiler .Liftoff Simple and fast code generator greatly improves the efficiency WebAssembly
Application startup speed .2019 year , A lot of companies are starting to put in human resources WebAssembly A transformation of learning , believe 2020 year WebAssembly It's going to be explosive .

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