Samsung has previously announced , Will be on 1 month 14 Official launch of annual flagship Galaxy S21 Series of new machines .

   There was news last week that , The press conference of the National Bank of China will be held in 1 month 18 The meeting was officially held on May 15 , And the pioneer plan will be in the future 20 Delivery will start around the next day .

   recently , Some people have announced Samsung Galaxy S21 Price information of the series .

   Samsung Galaxy S21 Price exposure

   among , Samsung Galaxy S21 In South Korea, the local price is 99 Ten thousand won , About 5865 RMB .

   Samsung Galaxy S21+ The price is 119.9 Ten thousand won , About 7103 RMB .

   Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra The price is 145 Ten thousand won , About 8590 RMB .

   It is worth noting that , Samsung Galaxy S21 The price is from Galaxy S9 Since its release , The initial price is lower than 100 Million won Galaxy S
Series mobile phones , It is the cheapest Samsung flagship mobile phone in recent three years .

   Internet exposure Galaxy S21 Real machine diagram

   According to the previous news , Samsung Galaxy S21 Series in the appearance of the overall continuation of the previous generation of design , Center perforated display on the front , All series standard configuration 120Hz
Refresh rate , There is a slight change in the shape of the back camera module .

   Configuration , Samsung Galaxy S21 The series will carry the latest Exynos 2100
processor , This is Samsung's most powerful flagship processor ever , Samsung hopes to compete with Qualcomm in this way .

   however , Samsung Galaxy S21 Series in China and other regions will still use Qualcomm snapdragon 888 processor , This is also the first time to carry a snapdragon 888 International manufacturers in China .

   Samsung will cancel the free charger this year

   in addition , According to recent reports 3C Authentication information display , Samsung Galaxy S21
Series of travel chargers for “ Optional ”, This indicates that Samsung may adopt the same environmental protection strategy as apple this year , Remove charger from package , Users need to buy their own fast charging equipment .

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