1. understand Web Common tools for automated testing

2. be familiar with Selenium The characteristics of

1. Mainstream Web Automated testing tools

1. QTP

QTP Is a commercial function testing tool , charge , support web, Desktop automation testing .

2. Selenium( Learning at this stage )

Selenium It's an open source web Automated testing tools , Free Admission , Mainly do function test .

3. Robot  framework

Robot  Framework It's based on Python Extensible Keyword Driven test automation framework .

2. What is? Selenium?

Selenium It's a tool for Web Automated testing tools for applications ; The meaning of Chinese ( selenium )

2.1 Selenium characteristic

1. Open source software : Open source code can add some functions of the tool according to the needs

2. Cross platform :linux,windows,mac

3. Support multiple browsers :Firefox,Chrome,IE,Edge,Opera,Safari etc.

4. Support multiple languages :Python,Java,C#,JavaScript,Ruby,PHP etc.

5. Mature and stable : Now it has been google, Baidu , Tencent and other companies are widely used

6. Powerful function : It can realize most functions of similar business tools , Because of open source , Customized function can be realized


2.2Selenium History of development 【 understand 】