friend , As long as you're a programmer , You must know 996 and “ programmer 35 He who is old must die ” The words of .

These two topics are hotter and hotter on the Internet .

996 Working system , as everyone knows , Every morning 9 Point to post , Until the evening 9 spot , Work every week 6 day , A lot of Internet companies will even tell you in private before recruiting 996 system .

Although many young programmers have done some psychological preparation before working , And once we really face these problems , I'm sure I'll be scared :

“ I am young now , Overtime is also acceptable , But when I get married , I'm old , How to do if the body can't eat ?”

Today I would like to share my views with you from a personal point of view .

<> Programmers love digging for themselves

I have been engaged in development work , Now it is 30 More , Stay up the night like all programmers , Yes bug.

honestly , I haven't experienced the so-called middle-aged crisis for the time being , But after my observation .

It's easy for programmers to kill themselves in these three misunderstandings :

<>1. use 35 Resume , To apply for a job 25 Year old position

Capitalists are all for profit , Want to maximize benefits , A cost-effective talent is a good choice .

Suppose the company is recruiting a developer , On one side 25 Young people , On one side there are 8 Annual development ,35 A year old engineer .

When both of them can meet the needs of the post ( Relatively simple work content , Realize the small functions of the project ), Naturally, the boss is willing to find young people with high cost performance .

A lot of job offers , Only move 35 Engineers under the age of , The positions are usually for junior engineers .

therefore 35 I went to do some elementary school work , Work done by an intermediate Engineer , It is unreasonable in itself .

One 35 What should a year old programmer apply for ?

Bottom layer development engineer , system architect , chief architect , R & D director …

It's like this , Basically, they are required to do it 5—10 year , An experienced engineer , The older you get, the more popular you get .

Otherwise? ? What big company have you met CTO only 20 How old are you ?

<>2. Ignore new technology , Self touching Typing Code

Here comes the programmer 30 How old are you? , It's written on the resume 8 year ,10 Years of working experience .

However, is there any expectation , The technical manager will know as soon as he asks .

I have to admit it :

There are a lot of people who use the new ones 3 Years of hard work 8 year , Even longer .

The so-called “ Rich experience ” It's just a repetition of experience , There is not much time to learn and improve .

In fact, what we do is very simple functional requirements , Even the company's core technology , None of the core projects have been touched .

stay IT industry , Qualifications don't come out of time , Who can create great value for the company , Who can get a high salary .

The most terrifying thing is that new technologies are rolling in , And I've been using the obsolete technology to type code .

<>3. Self comfort, overtime is the norm , Stick to it in the wrong business

Look up there , I'm sure a lot of programmers start to say that :“ The company works overtime every day , Where can I learn ?”

I hope you will be clear here , There are two types of overtime :

The first one : The company has been in the industry for many years , It attaches great importance to technology , There's a technocratic in charge , There is a steady stream of new projects , The quality of my colleagues is not low .

I'm lucky to work in this kind of company , work , The process of overtime is learning , So don't worry too much .

The second kind : The company doesn't pay attention to technology , disrespect .

Some unprofessional companies advocate a culture of unnecessary overtime , management layer , The top management knows nothing about technology , They don't understand why they have to work overtime , Anyway, it's right to add , It seems to be busy .

I've even met some technical managers who often talk to their people :“35 Take out when you're old ”, As a result, the atmosphere of the whole project team was very low .

Most of this is happening in small companies , It's because they don't value their own development , So they can only be “ Small company ”.

Water seeks its own level. , People go high .

The technology is a little more mature , I have project experience , I suggest you go to a better platform to continue to develop .

<> Stress is not for programmers “ privilege ”

If you are willing to learn about other professions in your spare time , You'll find an interesting stem :

product :25 Product Manager →28 Senior Product Manager →32 Product director →35 Year old didi special

Operation and maintenance :25 Year old operation and maintenance engineer →28 Senior operation and maintenance engineer →32 Director of operation and maintenance →35 Taobao shopkeeper

market :25 Marketing Specialist →28 Marketing Manager →32 Marketing Director →35 Open a shop at the age of

operate :25 Year old operations specialist →28 Year old Operations Manager →32 Year old operations director →35 Year old wechat business

HR:25 year HR commissioner →28 year HR manager →32 year HR chief inspector +35 Insurance metropolis

“35 Curse of age ” In fact, there are all walks of life , Every industry , everybody , They all have their own problems to face , Is it just programmers who have to take care of their families , Raising children ?

Obviously not .

Not long ago 2020 Open source technology conference , Two industry leaders are also right “ Programmer's 35 year ” Published their own ideas :

Please, sir (60 after ):

I think the programmer's life cycle can be written all the time . I don't write business programs because I can't keep up , Business procedures need time , And I write a little game myself, and I can write it when I have time .

Therefore, as long as there is logical thinking in the , I think programmers can do it all the time .

There are people 80 I'm still writing programs , Writing more programs may prevent Alzheimer's .

He Zhengyu (80 after ):

about 80 I am particularly touched by the issue of age , This problem has been discussed by us many times , My own team recruited a lot of predecessors .

When I was on Google's kernel team , It's surrounded by granddad level programmers , And they are really the pillars , They write programs that look like works of art .

I'm not ashamed to say a word here : I think China's software industry needs to develop , It depends on how many grandparent programmers we have , See how many grandfathers are still writing programs .

A person to the backstage development , Finish a doctorate or master's degree , You should be older , Then you have to do systems or engineering in the company , It will take five or six years to complete one , When you finish two 40
After the age of .

So I think 40 The golden age for programmers is after the age of 18 , To create world-class projects .

In fact, there is no shortage of older programmers in China , No contact , It doesn't mean there isn't , Next to Me 35+ The developers are very capable .

Some people will choose to continue to develop , Some people will choose to be senior , Even start a business , These are all decided by individual comprehensive ability and character .

40+ There are also many , The long-term accumulation of projects and technologies suddenly erupted , Begin to be responsible for the company's business activities , Long term plan , Or team leader .

Their team command ability , Advanced thinking ability , Market adaptability , Business negotiation is a top player .

People always say they can't see it , Not seen , It's because it's really practical , Big money programmers , They don't show off .

And mixed up to this level , All of them are based on “X total ”,“X manager ” Self proclaimed .

<> Your crisis is up to you

If you expect a midlife crisis in the future , The big reason is that we didn't plan well in advance .

At the beginning, I felt very comfortable when I was 10000 or 20000 a month , Play games and watch movies every day after work , After two years, I'll see , The technology that has been learned is slowly being phased out , New knowledge has not been supplemented in time .

Because of years of ease , It's hard to learn again .

You have to understand ,35 You should have a good view of the overall situation , Mature product thinking , The technology of crushing young people !

Otherwise, how can you create more benefits for the company ? According to your king is star shining rank ?

I met an old friend recently ,34 He never did 3 Year's “ Vice president of the company ” Jump out of identity , Enter the world successfully 500 The middle level of strong foreign enterprises .

In the process of chatting with him , His eyes did not leave the book in hand , And told me that high mathematics is really interesting .

There is a saying : The current five years are determined by the past five years , The next decade is determined by the present one .

I think it makes a lot of sense .

You made the crisis yourself , We need to resolve it , Or turn a blind eye , It's up to you .

<> Here are some suggestions

Many of the world's top technology bulls , It's not just about technology .

1, Know more about operation in the company , product , Sell these jobs close to the market .

So you know what you're doing , What part of the company do you make , To judge their own importance .

2, Constantly increase their own soft power , Communication and expression , Management ability , Cultivate one's sense of responsibility , Overall view .

These things are getting worse as they get older , The more valuable .

3, Master the core business or technology of the company as much as possible , Enhance your influence , Chips to increase future salary increases .

4, Seize every opportunity to increase non wage income , Like writing books , outsource , Training and so on .

Keep learning new knowledge , Like new technologies , Investment and Financing , History of Philosophy , Increase the breadth of knowledge .

5, Persistently output high quality projects in the open source community , Enhance your reputation .

Why some bull people are never afraid of old age , There is no shortage offer, Because he always and “ outside ” keep in contact , Some people even use his framework , At this point, you don't even need to submit your resume , It's the headhunter who comes to the door .

<> Write it at the end

Programmers are a knowledge-based industry , And this industry has the fastest technology iteration of any industry .

On a high-speed train , If you want to stay on the sidelines , Then you can't relax for a moment , Otherwise, the crisis will come .

Hopefully 35 At the age of , I hear rumors about programmers again , We can say it with a smile :

“ I'm the one 35 A year old programmer , I'm still alive .”