Poor quality microphones record current and a buzzing background sound when recording , The purpose of noise reduction can be achieved by sampling the noise and removing the frequency .

Main steps :

1. Noise sampling

2. Statistical frequency

3. Removal frequency

The code is as follows :
''' Sampling noise reduction ''' def test2(n, y, sr): indexs = librosa.effects.split(y, top_db=25-n)
noicefrequencies = [] for i in indexs: frequencies, D =
librosa.ifgram(y[i[0]:i[1]], sr=sr, n_fft=22000) frequencies =
frequencies.astype(int) noicefrequencies += frequencies.flatten().tolist() c =
Counter(noicefrequencies) noicefrequencies = set(map(lambda x: x[0] // 2 * 2,
c.most_common(400))) frequencies, D = librosa.ifgram(y, sr=sr) tempD =
D.copy().astype(int) tempD = tempD // 2 * 2 count = 0 for i in
range(D.shape[0]): for j in range(D.shape[1]): if tempD[i][j] in
noicefrequencies: count += 1 D[i][j] = 0 print(count) return librosa.istft(D)


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