12 month 28 Japan news , This morning , Alibaba Group CPO Tong Wenhong announced in the internal Forum , Enforcement will be lifted “361” Assessment system , No longer compel the direct leaders to give 10% staff 3
branch -3.25 Performance rating based on score . Alibaba Group employees confirmed the news to Phoenix technology .

   Alibaba's performance appraisal system , According to the performance evaluation standard as a whole “361” Proportion distribution :3.75-5 The percentage of employees with a score of 30%,3.5-3.75 The percentage of employees with a score of 60%,3
branch -3.25 The percentage of employees with a score of 10%. If the employee's year-end performance is 3.25 Points or less , Year end bonus and promotion opportunities will be cancelled , continuity 2 The annual performance score is lower than 3.25 You're going to be fired .

  “361” Recently, the evaluation system has been discussed on Alibaba intranet , According to Alibaba insiders , Tong Wenhong, chief human resources officer of Alibaba group, said in the internal forum , No longer compulsory “361” Assessment system , The new assessment standard is still based on “361” classification , But cancel it for me
10% Employees of 3.25 The compulsion of scoring .

   Alibaba's compulsion “361” Assessment system , Let minimum performance standards ”3.25“ The number is given a special meaning . this year 3 month 25 In the early hours of June , TaoBao IOS APP There is a large area
bug, For as long as 12 hour , This time “325 bug event “ It is also jokingly called the programmer's response to low performance by netizens “ revenge ”, Alibaba later called it Weibo in response ” rumor “.

   this year 7 month , Alibaba also announced through internal forums , Employees are no longer required to submit weekly reports . Ali said , We should also put an end to the phenomenon that the form is greater than the content without thinking PPT, And don't encourage inefficient overtime .