A day worth remembering , Today in history was born The Mother of All Demos.Smalltalk
Father Allen · Kay believes that witnessing it is one of the greatest experiences of his life .

1968 year 12 month 9 day , Douglas · Engelbart gave a landmark computer demonstration in San Francisco , go by the name of “ The mother of universal demonstration ”(The Mother of All

The demonstration took place at the computer society and Institute of electrical and electronic engineers (ACM/IEEE) At the autumn joint meeting , Duration 90 minute , This paper mainly introduces a complete computer software and hardware system , be called oN-Line
System(NLS). It shows almost all the basic elements of modern computers , This is the first time that these elements have been publicly demonstrated in a single operating system .

The demonstration had a huge impact , stay 20 century 70 The early s gave birth Palo Alto Research Center Similar research projects , And its underlying technology has affected apple
Mac Operating system and Microsoft Windows Graphical user interface for .

Original designer Alan · Kay once said :“ I know everything they're going to show , I've seen it before , But it was still one of the greatest experiences of my life . It's an ideal that brings together the ideals of all , Both breadth and depth .”

Allen · Kay compared the demonstration to Engelbart “ Moses who divided the way in the Red Sea ”.

Douglas Engelbart

(1925 year 1 month 30 day —2013 year 7 month 2 day )

SRI International, CC BY-SA 3.0, 

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Douglas · Engelbart

inventor , Graphical user interface pioneers , Because of his outstanding contribution in the field of human-computer interaction 1997 Turing Award . 


One day I suddenly realized , Complexity is the most fundamental thing , I felt a sudden relief . If we can make human beings better deal with complex and urgent problems in some way , Can make a significant contribution to this , Then you can benefit all mankind .

—— Douglas · Engelbart (《 innovator 》, Walter · Isaacson ) ________

Excerpt from 《 Great programmers 2021 》

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