C language
  C Language is an ancient and enduring computer programming language , It was born about the last century 60 years . Because its design has many advantages , Over the years by the majority of programmers love , And gradually
Many other programming languages have been eliminated . Most of the software we usually use is C Language development .

Many of the languages that came into being later also used a lot of its things .C Language programming is a way called face
Process oriented development . in other words , When it comes to solving problems , Programmers need to think about how computers should do this step by step , The corresponding process is then converted into code .

As software becomes more and more complex , As the code gets longer and longer , One's brain is limited , It is difficult to develop with a process oriented approach , It's always written at the back , Forget the front
What happened . Moreover, complex software often needs many people to develop together , It makes the development more difficult . An object-oriented software development method came into being . The idea of object-oriented is hard to say in a few words .

Actually, as a developer , It is very important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. I recommend one here C language C++ Communication group 583650410, No matter you are Xiaobai or Daniel, welcome to settle in , Let's communicate and grow together .

C++ The emergence of
  C++ This word is usually read in the programmer circle of mainland China. “C Gaga ”, And Western programs

Members usually read and do “C plus plus”,“CPP”.
It is a widely used computer programming language .C++ Is a static data type check , Universal programming language supporting multiple programming paradigms . It supports procedural programming , Data abstraction , Object oriented programming , Generic programming and other programming styles .

Domestic computer teaching materials are often not clear about what is object-oriented . Maybe the word can't be interpreted . Need to develop some related software to understand . I don't want to be specific here .
C Languages are not object-oriented , And programmers can't do without it C language , So someone was there C The object-oriented function is added on the basis of language , namely C++. meanwhile ,C++ Revised C Some inconvenient rules in language
set , send C Language is more convenient to use .

Two things need to be noted here

1. Tan Haoqiang's famous book 《《c Programming 》》 The following is a brief introduction of several pages C++, But what he said C++ It's just the change mentioned above C Inconvenient language , There's nothing about object-oriented content .

C and C++ The idea of programming is different

2.C++ It's in C Developed on the basis of language , But it's not C++ than C Advanced language , The two programming ideas are different , The field of application is also different . In their respective fields , No one can replace anyone .

   Actually, as a developer , It is very important to have a learning atmosphere and a communication circle. I recommend one here C language C++ Communication group 583650410, No matter you are Xiaobai or Daniel, welcome to settle in , Let's communicate and grow together .

C Language and C++ There are many differences :
  C And C++ The biggest difference : It's because they have different ways of thinking to solve problems . Why C++ than C More advanced , Because “ The concept of design has been incorporated into the C++ in
”, As far as language itself is concerned , stay C The concept of algorithm is more in . So isn't it C It doesn't matter , Wrong ! Algorithm is the basis of programming , Good design without good algorithms , Not at all . and ,“C Plus good design ” You can also write very good things .

1, New thinking of procedure ,C Language is process oriented , and C++ It's object-oriented .

2,C The language has a standard library of functions , They are loose , Just put the same function in a header file ; and C++ For most functions, they are integrated very closely , especially C Not in the language C++ Medium API That's right Window Most of the system API Organic combination , It's a collective . But you can call it alone API.

3, especially C++ Graphic processing in , It is very different from the graph of language .C The graphic processing function in language can not be used in C++ Medium .C Graphic processing is not included in language standards .

4,C and C++ There is a concept of structure , But in the C In languages, structures have only member variables , There is no member method , And in the C++ Medium structure , It can have its own member variables and member functions . But in the C The members of a structure in a language are public , Anyone who wants to access it can access it ; And in the VC++ It is private if it has no qualifier .

5,C Language can write many kinds of programs , however C++ Can write more and better ,C++ Can be written based on DOSr program , write DLL, Write control , Writing system .

6,C Language is loose in organization of program files , It's almost all programmed ; and c++ The organization of documents is based on engineering , The classification of each document is clear .

7,C++ Medium IDE It's smart , and VB equally , Some functions may be better than VB Still strong .

8,C++ Yes, it can automatically generate the program structure you want, so you can save a lot of time . There are many tools available, such as joining MFC Class in , When you add variables, etc .

9,C++ There are also many additional tools in , Systematic analysis can be carried out , You can view it API; You can view controls .

10, Powerful debugging function , And the methods are various C Language is process oriented , and C++ It's object-oriented .
   Some learning suggestions :
  1. The basic concepts are important . Regardless of learning C, Or learn C++, The basic concepts come first , It is also more difficult , But only by grasping the basic concepts can we grasp the overall context , In order to be superior .

2.C yes C++ Subset of , Its basic concept and design method are relatively easy to understand , Beginners can start with it .

3. If you want to learn it well C++, It is suggested that beginners should not be in VC,BCB Write program on the platform , That kind of automated code generation , Colorful interface , It's going to leave you at a loss . It's better to find an open space first (unix,dos), Start from scratch , Write a few big programs , Several rounds , Again VC,BCB Take a look , You'll be relaxed . in my opinion , learn from good examples C/C++ Is to become VC,BCB The only way for a master .

4. Don't try to be quick , You have to have one byte, One bit To dig , Try to find out every problem .