Anyone who has worked as a programmer knows , The programmer industry can be said to be a bowl of youth rice . Except for getting older , Technology can't keep up , Decline in learning ability , And so on . There is also a problem of their own health .

There is such a saying circulating in the industry “ Judge the technical level of a programmer , It depends on the amount of hair ok, The less hair , Technical yueniu beer ”. The profession of programmer , Overtime is a common occurrence , Till 11:12 p.m .

Although programmers don't need the appearance of youth , But it needs a healthy body , Is it right to eat youth dinner , I believe no one can come to a conclusion , But how do these people who have had their youth meal face their future career , It's something we should consider .
In the face of millions of programmers in China ,40 What should they do when they are old ?

Say programmer is a bowl of youth rice , Most of this is because it is a type of work that requires high-intensity mental work , And more than 40 The age - old programmer's physical function gradually weakened , Family chores , Often face to continue to do technology or to do management situation . Some people think about transformation , Of course, some people choose to stick to this career . Ordinary programmers, although there are many people despise ordinary , But some people enjoy it . Be an ordinary programmer , Go to work on time every day , be off duty on time , Do what you like , Change the world with your own code , It's the dream of countless programmers who love programming .

so to speak , Most people who choose programmers as their lifelong career love it , They didn't come to the industry for high salaries , It's not to make your eyes black every day .
For these people , A line of code is not just a command for a purpose , It's a beautiful poem . Despite being impetuous at home IT In the environment , Such programmers may not be common , It's not all the programmer's fault , But the positioning of programmers in enterprises is not accurate enough . And in the programmer world has been circulating such a legend : A programmer in his seventies , I've been a programmer all my life , But Bill Gates admired it . This man is called Dave · Cutler (Dave

Attention to transformation :

As a professional : You can do project management , product , Testing and Implementation , go IT Training as a lecturer .

liberal professions : Programmers should know or take over a little bit “ extraofficial work ”, Three or five hundred at least , Thousands more . In fact, this is also the most important way for programmers to make profits offline . just , This requires programmers to know a group of friends who can give you private work , You also need to be good at talking business with each other .

Compared with offline ways of taking advantage of personal relationship , Online crowdsourcing seems more suitable for freelancers .