How to put it? ? The Blue Bridge Cup is the first game in my life , In fact, I still take this game seriously . however , After the exam, I was a little disappointed .

Let's first introduce the process of this competition , Maybe it's too exciting , I got up early in the morning , After having breakfast in a hurry, I read a book for a while and then set off for the examination room . To the examination room after the first familiar with the computer configuration and compiler environment .C++/C The group used devc++ compiler .

At last it was nine o'clock , It's time to start . Look at the first blank , It seems that it can be calculated by hand , But to be on the safe side, I wrote a program to calculate . ah ! How do you figure out that there are more than ten digits , No longlong, ah ! How did it go longlong Get stuck , Is this a big data ? After thinking for a few minutes , The first question may be difficult , Run , I went to open the second question , ah ! The second one is so difficult , He was still dissuaded after he came up with a very ridiculous formula (orz). And then the third question , Finally, there is a more familiar topic , It seems that I met this kind of problem when I did some competitions on the website before , It's just a sort , And distribute them one by one .( I hope it's OK ). After gaining a little confidence in the third question, go back to the first question , Calm down , Then I typed the code again , The discovery finally worked out , In fact, the data is not very big . It seems that we still have to think calmly . Come here , Almost an hour later
It's time .
Go on , The fourth question to fill in the blanks , can't , Run , Fill in the blanks , can't , Run again . And then there's programming .

The first big question , The title of the expansion of a string , Fortunately, the author of the topic has been saved , The number was not exceeded 9 individual ,( Thank you very much ). It took a few minutes to submit the code . The second question is a simple one dp, You can only go down and right in a matrix , The ranks are all even and can't go , Find a solution , I wanted to use it dfs Search it , But the feeling dp It's a little simpler , Or use it dp bar . Then there is the fourth question , How does it feel like a line segment tree ? It can't be true , It can't be true , I really can't , Then I turned to the following questions , It's hard to chew . therefore , I went back to fill in the blanks again , Um. ? Feel perfect number that problem can hit a table , try ? Sure enough , Try and die . For more than ten minutes , from 1 I got it 2e9, It's only the first one 1173 About the number , And every time we move forward 1e9, Only a few dozen more , More than ten minutes later , Finally gave up . Look at the time , My God? , Why is there only one hour left . There are three programming problems .

Continue to open the topic , It seems that we have found the law of this problem , Turn the numbers into string character string , And then use it string The addition and subtraction of strings are used to judge , We found that we can pass the sample , Finish writing and submitting . Forty minutes to go , Stone and glue , Do a simple simulation , Two examples have been passed , Calculate the following complexity , My God ,O^3, Look, it's OK 30% Data for , All right , Thirty is thirty , Write it down first . It's only 20 minutes after this is finished . I wanted to give up the last question , Then do the front fill in the blanks , however , Or can't help but aim at the following last question , Hmmm , I feel familiar , It seems to be something like a graph , And then, the graph is processed dfs Just update it , Wrote a simple dfs, And then add it vector, After debugging for a while, the sample is finally passed . Time is running out , Submit it . The game is in 13:00 Finish on time , oh dear ! Finally, should the output between the number and the number be separated , I forgot to read it , I don't know whether to separate them in the end . You want the output format to be correct .

in short , Maybe it was a fight before acm Competition system , Hit it all at once OI I'm not used to this kind of competition . Now think about it , I feel that I am still too impatient in the game , Didn't calm down and think . There may be some small mistakes that may lead to the whole problem being wrong . I came out and asked the seniors , They said it was OK . This makes me a little flustered . Before the game, I always thought that I might still have the qualification to hit one , But in this way , I still have a long way to go . As the only one in the province 211 university , The students all said that it was easy to win the Blue Bridge Cup , With a little bit of effort, you might be able to save one . So I decided to take part in the Blue Bridge Cup in the first half of this year , In fact, it doesn't matter if you don't add points to the scholarship in the second half of the year , What I want is a qualification to represent the school to Beijing . To see the scenery of big cities . That's what I'm really going for in this blue bridge cup . however , After this competition , I also saw the gap between myself and my seniors , Just before the game, I complained to the seniors , It's more difficult to win the prize in the first half of the year , The first half of the year is the choice of relatively strong strength , This is not fair to some players in the first half of the year ! But now it seems , In fact, if you are strong enough , How can we worry about fairness ? It's just an excuse for my lack of strength , and , match , The important thing is to learn in the process , It's not just about being competitive .

Think back to my learning algorithm in the past six months ,2 Due to the epidemic situation in January, we started to contact the algorithm competition at home , I just have one 《 Algorithm notes 》 go back , Inadvertently into the algorithm pit . Then it took several months to learn the basic knowledge of the algorithm , It's a bit of a waste of learning in this process ! The grade point of this semester is terrible ( ok , It's also an excuse , No is No , Not learning well is not learning well ) In Niuke ,cf, After dozens of games in Los Angeles , I thought I was OK , I reported the Blue Bridge Cup match in July in a hurry , result ...
I hope the organizers of the blue bridge cup can give me a chance to go to Beijing , Although I know that the probability is very small . If it does , I'll come back and update this blog .

Dividing line
An hour ago, I knew the result of the Blue Bridge Cup , No. 2 provincial , It's one less than the province ...

We should be able to understand the mood at this moment ! I didn't plan to come back to update this blog , But I feel it is necessary to update it , In fact, I thought about many situations before I got my grades , I thought about saving one , Have you ever thought about winning a prize , But this situation is something I didn't think of . It seems that this is the will of God .
be it so , Don't go if you don't go , I know my own strength , There will be more opportunities in the future , The key is to be strong enough . Make good use of the next month and a half of summer training time , Try to be stronger .
The solution of the Blue Bridge Cup will be updated in the following blog .

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