We often see job descriptions in some companies , This is what test engineers are required to do :

* Relevant industry background , Experience in Internet or financial products
* N year Web/App Product testing experience ,N Years of management or technical experience
* Master one : Interface test , automated testing (API/WEB), performance testing , Security testing , Continuous integration, etc ;
* Be able to lead the test framework design , Test system construction , Continuous quality control ;
* Familiar with at least one programming language , Python,Perl,Shell,Java,C/C++ etc.
* Familiar with mainstream database application SQL Server/MYSQL/ORACLE etc.
* Have certain operation and maintenance ability , be familiar with Nginx/Apache/Jenkins/Zabbix/Elk etc.
other : study , adapt , Pressure resistance , Team spirit , I don't say much about dedication .
Interview Test Engineer , Is it that hard ?

The reality is really cruel ! Especially this year .

Whether you're an interview test engineer Or Test Supervisor Or senior / Senior Test Engineer or test development , above 80% I'm going to be asked about everything .

Although some skills may not be applied by the company for the time being , But in the future, if there are plans for construction , The interviewer will also be required to have relevant experience .

Interviewers are willing to expect you to produce or have greater value on a regular basis , Of course, some companies may have some trade-offs in skills based on their own demands and urgency .

therefore , We think , What is the company's requirement for interviewers now “ Full stack test engineer ” ah !

What is a full stack engineer ? It seems that I've only heard of full stack engineers before

Baidu Encyclopedia for the whole stack engineer's explanation is :

Full stack engineer refers to master a variety of skills , Front end and back end , People who can use multiple skills to complete products independently .

What about full stack test engineers , Let's explain that :

Full stack test engineer is to master a variety of test skills , Competence , automation , performance , Safety testing skills , A person who can use multiple skills to complete product testing independently .

Although the introduction of testing industry is relatively simple , But excellent test engineers have high requirements on the comprehensive ability of personnel .

In addition to the necessary testing skills ( Use case design , implement , Test report writing, etc ),

And code , System framework , Mocha ITOM , time management , Plan management , Have a certain understanding of interpersonal management .

Because every requirement test is a game between time and quality ,

In a limited time , Find as many problems as possible , After all, defects are endless .

Let's have a look , What skills should a full stack test engineer have ! Welcome to join us .642830685. Free access to the latest software testing factory interview materials and Python automation , Interface , Framework building learning materials ! Technical bull answers questions , Communicate with colleagues . There is a direction of struggle and hard work .

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