<> One :


Online and offline
for example : Meituan


Business to business
for example :1688 Alibaba


Individual to individual
for example : Turn salted fish


Business to individual
for example : JD.COM


Personal to personal finance

<>6.BS framework

Browser and service architecture

for example : Baidu website

<>7.Cs framework

Client and server
for example : Baidu cloud pc edition

<>8.ToB Software

for example : Ding

<>9.toC Software

Users browse products directly

<> Two : Internet industry occupation abbreviation

1.PM—— project manager ( Project Manager )

1. From a professional point of view , It refers to the establishment of the project manager responsibility system as the core , Implement quality on the project , security , speed of progress , Responsibility guarantee system of cost management and important management posts set up to comprehensively improve project management level . The project manager is responsible for the successful planning and implementation of the project .

2. The project manager is the leader of the project team , The primary responsibility of the project manager is to lead the project team to complete all project work on time and with high quality within the budget , And customer satisfaction . To do this, the project manager must plan in a series of projects , Do a good job of leadership in organizing and controlling activities , In order to achieve the project objectives .
3. Of course, there are project managers in Internet companies or Meaning of product manager .

2.FE— front end (Front-End); Front end development (Front-End Development)
FE yes web Front end R & D , The meaning of front end development , Front end engineers based on the needs of visual design draft , Interaction design draft , The process of realizing the display and interactive behavior of the front-end interface .

3.RD— research and development
1. Software RD Engineers are software R & D engineers , such as PHP Cheng Xugu ,Java Cheng Xugu , Whether they are crazy or Android, they belong to this category . Back end oriented technology implementation .
2. Is a pure subjective in the user use of a product ( service ) In the process of building up the psychological feelings . Because it is purely subjective , There are certain uncertainties .

3. Individual differences also determine that the real experience of each user can not be completely simulated or reproduced through other ways . But for a well-defined user group , The commonness of its user experience is that it can be realized through well-designed experiments .
4. The development of computer technology and Internet , The form of technological innovation is changing , User centered , People oriented is getting more and more attention , User experience is also called innovation 2.0 The essence of the model .
5. There is also a combination called :UED( Product interaction designer , User experience Engineer ).

4.UI— user interface (User Interface)

Its ISO8402:1994 Is defined as “ In order to provide sufficient trust, the entity can meet the quality requirements , All planned and systematic activities implemented in the quality management system and verified as required ”. Some have been implemented ISO9000 The organization will set up such departments or positions , be responsible for ISO9000 Quality assurance functions required by standards , People who do this kind of work are called QA personnel .

5.OP— Operation and maintenance (Operations)

1.OP This word stands for many meanings , This abbreviation comes from English Operations The word . I don't know who used it first op On behalf of O & M Engineer , however 2010 The year begins , The word gradually became known to many people .
OP The main job is to maintain the company's servers to provide services normally , The subdivision includes the system part , Network part , Application section , Database part , Specific according to the size of the company and the role of different functions , The definition of operation and maintenance is also different . Now the main market OP There are three : Online game operation and maintenance , Website operation and maintenance , Large scale project testing and production environment operation and maintenance .
6.DBA— Database Administrator (Database Administrator, abbreviation DBA)
1. Is a person responsible for managing and maintaining a database server . The database administrator is responsible for the overall management and control of the database system . This position means different things to different people .
2. There are also DB, Existing database (Database).
3. There is also the abbreviation of common document types of Internet product design : BRD,MRD,PRD,FSD etc.

7.MRD— Market demand document (Market Requirements Document)

1. After getting the boss's approval , Product implementation , First out is required MRD, Specifically, there should be a more detailed analysis of the market and competitors , What are the functions to achieve the business purpose , function / What are the non functional requirements , Priority of functions, etc . In practice , This stage PD The possible products are Mind
Manager The mind map of ,Excel Of Feature List etc .

2. Market demand document (MRD) The focus is on defining market requirements for a proposed new product or improvement of an existing product . And BRD Point out that business problems are different from solutions to these problems ,MRD Go deeper into the details of the proposed solution . It includes some or all of these details :
a. Features needed to solve business problems
b. Market competition analysis
c. Functional and non functional requirements
d. characteristic / Priority of requirements
e. Use cases

3.MRD It's usually done by the owning product manager , Written by someone with the title of product marketing manager or industry analyst .MRD It's usually a continuous one 5-25 page Word file , Or even longer in some organizations, as described later .