Cloud Ambassador talent show series has been released for you for one month , During this period, more and more new ambassadors poured in , There are also many ambassadors who are inspired by the experience of successful ambassadors , I would like to thank you for your love and support for the cloud Ambassador show series , We will produce more excellent articles in the future , We also hope that more experienced and thoughtful ambassadors will join us .

Today, I'd like to bring you a person who is only over one month old , Ambassador Xiaobai, who receives tens of thousands of commission — Ao Bing

This one 96 The little brother Aquarius, who was born in 1989, officially joined the cloud Ambassador organization in this year's double 11 activities , Little brother said that when he became cloud ambassador, the activity had already started , Although he lost the opportunity to preach in the early stage of the activity , But the little brother is still sure to seize every opportunity , The middle and small brother still made great achievements in the double 11 qualifying 58 It's a good result .

23 Ao Bing is a young man from Zunyi, Guizhou Province , Memories of the beginning ,“ In the case of junior credits completed ahead of schedule , Worked for an Alibaba e-commerce company ( Now in the Engineering Department of mushroom Street algorithm ) My two former masters are , A team of top 500 Architects Leader( Now I'm an Ali technology expert ) And Ali P8, So the richness of the contact scene , The profundity of my major in this field also makes me have my own unique channels to get customers and promotion methods .”

For the last 20 years of life , Ao Bing talked about “ Life is a long process , We have too many expectations , Will inevitably encounter disappointment and frustration ”. I was surprised at the fact that there was only one 23 Why do you have such a strong feeling of life after graduation , Until Xiaobian learned about his world .

I can't afford to pay the tuition fee when I was in college ,19 At the beginning of the year , That is, half a year after graduation , He paid off his student loan . Speaking of which is , Ao Bing said “ To tell you the truth, I felt light without debt at that time , I started my career , Thought it was the end , Later I realized that this was just the beginning of a year , There's so much waiting for me .“

Half a year's work , Ao Bing then harvested his first year-end bonus , The moment you receive the year-end bonus , So I decided to replace my parents' cell phones , I bought a better apple than my mobile phone at that time 8p Top configuration , I don't know why I don't feel distressed to buy anything for my parents , But also feel very happy . Mom often complains with him about the TV card on her mobile phone , Every time he said he wanted to buy a mobile phone, he said he didn't like it , It's like every time you ask her to travel , She said there was no time , In fact, Ao Bing knows that he loves money , For parents, they know more about their children's hard work , Xiao Bian thought that maybe all the parents in the world are like this , The amount of money a child spends on his or her parents every time , They all think it's how much overtime their children spend , Rush about , Business trip .

The life of a programmer is not just exhausting , It's endless overtime day after day , Ao Bing began to think, do you want to keep busy in such a day , For this colorful , A Wonderful World , I can only sit in the office every day and knock the code , Optimizing demand , To get a meager monthly salary . So he began to usher in the second spring of his career , In this year's double 11 World War , This programmer who has ideal and hope for life has officially joined the team of cloud ambassador , With their own positions in various channels , Successfully promoted to the cloud ambassador's main army .

In the promotion of the road is not plain sailing , For launch, the most difficult problem in the early stage of promotion , Ao Bing asked his experienced friends around him , Also learn to watch a lot of courseware materials , Got a lot of ideas , Now Ao Bing has his own rhythm and direction on this issue , So when the problem comes, the first thing we should think about is how to solve it by our own strength instead of blindly escaping or throwing it to others , Initiative and spontaneity are the most important factors for success . For promotion ,
Ao Bing talked about the good economic benefits he got , Especially for programmers, cloud ambassador is really a project to bring technology into full play . In addition, small partners who need servers also get good discounts , Mutual benefit and win win . After all, cloud is the general trend , Now my old boss , And now the company is on the cloud , Shangyun must be the only way for China's large, medium and small companies in the future , So the benefits are considerable , Can use own professional knowledge and spare time to do promotion , It's not just making a lot of money , It also promotes the development of cloud computing , This win-win project is inclusive .

Ao Bing said that since he became ambassador to cloud, he has completely solved the current economic predicament in China , Also bought a lot of electrical furniture at home , I will never live as tightly as before , These are not thought of before the promotion , At present, in the double 12 activities, Ao Bing has achieved the first result , At the end of the interview, Ao Bing said :“ I will take part in all the activities , For nothing else, because of the money . I hope it will get better and better !“

Cloud computing has the smallest promotion prospect , Technology realization is no longer on paper , If you don't join us, how can you make it until you don't make millions ? Dream must have , It's not possible here , Yes, it will come true ! We are willing to work with you to help enterprises go to the cloud , Driving digital China .