What answers do plants know about life , A book on plant exploration , You'll find out why hundreds of thousands of secrets about plants are decrypted here , These are the exploration of the miracle of life .

The emergence of Darwin's theory of biological evolution undoubtedly shocked people's eyes and cognition , And the study of plants , People have not stopped . Plants also have life , Believe in this consensus , Now people won't argue ! So about the phototaxis of sunny plants , What is the decision ? After the experiment , The answer is stem tip . The experiment is also very simple , It can be done through five groups , One group cut off the stem tips , A set of transparent sleeves cover the stem tip , A group of opaque covers the tip of the stem , In the same way , The other two groups were transparent and opaque covering the trunk .

Everyone loves everyone , Flowers bloom , Want to make the flowers bloom , You have to know the mystery of light , The meaning of light for plant life . Different light has different effects on plants , For plants , It's just food , We use light time , It can change the time of flowers . What has a huge impact on plants is the red light , Especially at dusk , dormancy , The light in the morning , active .

Odor has been widely used for plant fruit ripening , The effect of smell , It leads to plants spreading life , The next generation of important coal media . ethylene , It is a widely used ripening agent , And people know how to use the smell of fruit from different plants , Or ripe plant fruit to ripen fruit . Of course, odors are more than just ripening , And early warning , The existence of selective life mechanism for better growth .

Like a man , Plants don't like it , Can't be touched , be promiscuous in sex relations , It's dangerous . If you keep caressing the plants , I'm not sure it will wither , And some plants hunt by touch , Dionaea muscipula , Or a stress response , mimosa . experimental study , The current caused the fly trap to move .

People have always felt that sound has an effect on plants , But the research found that , It's really a deaf plant , The same deafness gene sequence in human was found in the gene sequence of a plant . Why don't plants need to hear , Because plant life doesn't need it .

The mystery of plants is much more than that , Maybe smarter plants than you think . Plants can know the seasons change , Memory of climate , And it can be passed on to the next generation .

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