Recently, a small number of students have found jobs , But most of them are outsourcing or small and medium-sized enterprises , One of the students responded to me :2020 year JAVA Talent needs to be saturated ,
Many enterprises stop recruiting Java personnel ........ 
And what I want to say is : Java Millions of people enter the industry every year , The competition is really big , But at present, China 90% The work of the above programmers is assembly line CRUD, From a professional point of view, there is no technical content ,
2020 Qualified IT There is no shortage of enterprises CRUD programmer , So only outsourcing companies want you ... Do you feel a faint sadness . 
in my submission : stay Java In the technological ecosystem of , High concurrency architecture selection /JUC And contract / Idempotency / performance tuning / Concurrent threads / architecture design /OS
Kernel And so on , These are the necessary interview for Internet companies , Necessary for project development , therefore , To help those students who can't find their homes , I decided to share with you some in-depth techniques for performance tuning .

What is performance tuning ?(what)

Before we talk about performance tuning, let's talk about it , Computer architecture .

In short, it includes three pieces : Hardware , operating system , application program . actually , Performance tuning is about tuning these things , Including hardware , operating system , application program . among , These three aspects also contain some contents .

So what is performance tuning ?

Performance tuning is about computer hardware , Have a good understanding of the operating system and application , Adjust the relationship between the three , Realize the whole system ( Including hardware , operating system , application ) Maximize the performance of , And can continue to meet the existing business needs . This is what we call performance tuning , My guest, do you understand ?

Why performance tuning is needed ?(why)

Let's talk about why performance tuning is needed , In fact, there are two reasons :

* One is to get better system performance ( That is, your current system is running well , But it works better if you optimize it ).
* The second is to meet the increasing business needs through performance tuning .
Better understanding why performance tuning is needed ? We can talk about it from three aspects :

· Hardware selection ( Select the server according to the server application type )

· Operating system release ( Select release )

· application program (Nginx,MySQL etc. )

Today we will focus on the next MySQL Performance tuning and its architecture design !

Dear guests , Due to the large size of the data file shared , The knowledge content is relatively comprehensive , Limited space , It can only be shown in the form of screenshots , However, Xiaobian declared that all materials and documents are free to share with you . It only takes three companies
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The foundation of the prophet ( Believe in partial learning java We all know )


MySQL Do you know the storage engine :


MySQL Do you understand the safety management :


MySQL Backup and recovery of :



performance optimization ( Here's the point )

influence MySQLServer Performance related factors :


MySQL Database locking mechanism :


MySQL database Query Optimization of :


MySQL database Schema Performance optimization of design :

MySQLServer Performance optimization of :


Common storage engine optimization :



architecture design :


Ideas and solutions of high availability design :



More catalog screenshots :




Or that sentence : All materials and documents are free to share with you . It only takes three companies Private message keywords 【777】 Or scan the bottom to get it for free . And the following common interview questions and MySQL Performance optimized 21
Best practices ( Pack and go with one button )

Attached MySQL Mind learning map and MySQL Common interview questions ( With answers ):




MySQL Performance optimized 21 individual 【 optimum 】 Practice screenshot display :

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