App There are always several extremes in it “ heresy ” The existence of , Their functions don't help you in your daily life , But they rely on very powerful functions , It has become an auxiliary tool for some teachers .

   For example, chemistry teachers should have mentioned in their own class a class called “ Beaker ” Of App , This App
With excellent chemical reaction simulation experiment , Let netizens sigh : If I had known about it , How many points should I get in the chemistry exam .

   But there's another very interesting subject : Physics , There is also a beaker App , But few people know its name , It is :Phyphox .

   If you go to search engines for keywords :Phyphox , You can even see that there are teachers for this App Write a long academic research report .

   And this one App He has also won many awards related to education , Use the good helper of physics teacher to describe this App That's not too much .

   Even this one App There is also a strong academic atmosphere in his life experience , It's the kind of teacher who teaches from a famous school .

   This App The developers are not the ones who are idle App development company , It's a university in Germany that is famous for physics all over the world : Aachen University of Technology .

   The university has come into being since it was founded 6 Nobel Prize winners , And many famous companies have established research departments in this school, such as : Microsoft , Ford , Philips ……

   It is such a famous school in the field of physics , Developed App Nature has become the domain of physics “ immortal App ”, Shichao has a try , This App
Unexpectedly, it was a little funny .

   In fact, it's quite plain Phyphox Is very simple , It can be called on the phone 8
Sensors , To do a variety of Physics related experiments, such as : Dynamics , acoustics , Tools and so on , All kinds of experiments can be done with a mobile phone ...

   Let's take a look at this one App What interesting experiments can we do : For example, we can test the acceleration of gravity with a rope and a mobile phone , When the phone shakes, the gravitational acceleration will appear on the screen .

   You can even put the phone to one side , Then, a simple free fall experiment was carried out with a ruler and a steel ball , The mobile phone can calculate the drop distance of steel ball according to the sound .

   of course , This App We can also complete some advanced experiments , You can hang iron on one end of the balloon , And break the balloon , use Phyphox To calculate the distance between the iron block and the ground .

   Because some physical experiments are so wonderful , Phyphox And got one “ Cell phone killer ” Name of , When the travelling friends opened it for the first time App Time ,App
A statement will pop up to protect your phone and yourself ...

   In order to test the centripetal acceleration , Even tied the cell phone to the back wheel of the bicycle ...

   And the swivel chair in the park ...

   and Phyphox The function is to use mobile phone's simultaneous interpreting of different sensors. , Then calculate the experimental data , It's a small physics lab installed on a mobile phone ~

   Except for these hard core experiments , In fact, there are some relatively safe small experiments , We finished downloading App
, Then turn on the phone and you can do it , Shichao also completed two small experiments , Friends can see the effect together :

   When you put a flashlight at the screen of your phone , You can go to Phyphox To test the intensity of light .

   Find a small magnet , You can go to Phyphox Test the strength of the magnetic field .

   There are even some experiments , It can also help you in your life , Phyphox   There's an experiment called elevator speed ,App According to the pressure sensor and acceleration to calculate the speed of the elevator .

   You can use this little experiment , Know how fast your elevator works .

   In addition to these built-in experiments , Friends can also be based on the mobile phone sensor can detect the physical data , Build a physical model , And then through Bluetooth , QR code adds this experimental project to the mobile phone .

   so to speak , Phyphox The physical function of the beaker is far beyond the chemical simulation experiment .

   After all, the beaker only provides some false chemical simulation , however Phyphox It's the real thing that makes you use your cell phone as a tool , Then record some of the results of your experiment .

   and Phyphox This App No doubt opened a door , Let us know : It turns out that my mobile phone can still play like this ~

   However, Shichao thinks that it is of great significance to combine education with pleasure App  It can be more , Let mobile phones and App No longer in the eyes of parents “ sap one's spirit by seeking pleasures
”, It's a tool that enables more children to really feel the charm of science .