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“ Midlife crisis ” It's almost a topic that programmers can't avoid , Young programmers take precautions , Middle aged programmers are anxious ... therefore “ Transfer and sideline business ” It has also become the most discussed topic .

There's a post on my pulse , say “35 The way out for programmers over the age of 15 is to become a teacher in high school or college , Teaching mathematics, physics, computers , Although the income has decreased , But the good thing is leisure ”.

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This old brother Mo has no misunderstanding about programmers ? Or is there any misunderstanding about the teacher ?

The comment area has a programmer interface :“ Many programmers have a kind of honey confidence , I think it's easy to do other jobs , When a teacher finds a hole, he can be a teacher , This kind of programmer is the kind of garbage and half bucket of water yy Of , I advise you to change your profession as soon as possible ”
Nothing else , Now you have to have a teacher's certificate to be a teacher , Age is required, right , Do you have any qualifications , Resources, contacts and so on . Why does the Internet not want to do it and feel that other industries can start at will ?

Others in the comments section pointed out the more heartbreaking :“ Strict physical examination for public office , All indicators can be checked online , Programmers work overtime to get sick , There are several physical examination can pass, it is a problem ”

Screenshot on “ Pulse ”

In addition to hard power and entry threshold , Others feel that programmers are programming for computers all year round , In dealing with the relationship between teachers and students is not necessarily handy .

as far as I am concerned , Some teachers work as hard as programmers , After all, no matter what line you're in , If you want to do well, you have to work hard . I have friends who choose to stay as teachers after graduation , There are also signed training institutions online classes , Whether they teach offline or online , It's not easy to talk to each other .

If the programmer is for bug Stand by , The teacher is on standby for parents and students . So those who just feel tired or eliminated by the Internet , I want to make a new and better breakthrough in another line , That chance is rare, too .

I'm at this watershed myself , I have a deep feeling that if you are middle-aged, you are still writing code in the company , Big or small , In fact, they are extremely passive , Imagine why the company doesn't have to recruit your money to find two fresh students ? Don't say experience is valuable, management ability is valuable , nowadays , There is no lack of management in the company , There is a shortage of people who can do their best to do a good job .

I've been tired lately , I've got a couple of big projects , Every day, I work hard with my friends , In order to create benefits for the company , And to prove that they are valuable . Young programmers are unambiguous in their work , Sometimes I'm so tired that I find they're still in high spirits , There is still energy to adjust , And I just want to lie down and have a good sleep ...

And besides the physical side , In terms of technology, you will find that you can't learn in middle age , It's not learning . In recent years, my learning speed is obviously much slower than that in the first five years of working , I could read a book two or three days ago , It's been a tough week now . It's not always possible to compete with young people by experience , We should understand and think about new technology , Combining experience , That's the value of old programmers .

How can a teacher be like this ? Take the old set of knowledge to teach the flowers of the motherland , Don't you feel guilty ? And some of them are business codes in the company , Not much new technology is needed , Teaching may require more control over your ability to learn . I can't learn by myself , Where can I teach my students ?

It's one thing to do and love , But I've been a programmer for so many years : The present work is not good , You can't do other jobs well . The ability to solve problems is universal .
I remember that Ma Yun was very excited when he gave a speech at Peking University :“ I have always regarded Peking University Students as my idols , I've been taking the exam but I can't make it , So I think if one day I must go to Peking University as a teacher ”.

If you always have the passion of Mr. Ma , Maybe it's a good career change to be a teacher .

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As a programmer , Do you have any other ideas about career change ?

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