The company has a new colleague , First class technology , After coming, I optimized the performance of the existing project , It saves the company a lot of costs .

Only later did I know , He turned out to be a 「 Play the bad card 」 The existence of . His name is Lao Xu , Hope through his story , Can help you find some replicable methods .


How bad is Xu's card ?

Secondary school , Non academic background , Human error 30 year , Or change careers ...... After changing to a new business, I entered a Beijing start-up company , As soon as you do it 4 year , Some shares , At that time, Xu thought he was doing well . Until last year 6
Their department was laid off in June .

7 month , Xu decided to look for a job again , I started to look at all kinds of facial scriptures , Review basic knowledge ,8
Start to submit resume in January . According to Xu , It was his most painful month : He thought it would be enough to have a thorough understanding of the two sets of frames , I didn't expect to be abused in the actual interview , Three weeks , Face to face 13 Companies , One in a row offer
I didn't get them ..

He didn't think it could go on like this , I'm determined to make up all the debts I owe in half a year .


Half a year CURD reach Ali P7 level , How did he do it ?

first , Xu analyzed his actual level and situation :

Poor technology : A lot of technology has been used on the surface , However, they do not have a deep understanding of the underlying and large-scale architectures ;

Workplace bottleneck : Standing 4 On the watershed of workplace , There is not enough comprehensive capacity , Can only be eliminated ;

Interview is not competitive : Non famous school, non professional background , No hope of entering a large factory ......

There is no shortcut to learning , Xu works part time during the day , At night, when the baby goes to bed ,10 Start learning on time , Often late at night 1,2 Go to bed at o'clock .

then , He combined the recruitment needs of large factories , list  9  Abilities to be improved :

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