Huawei finally released its new generation of high-end chip Kirin last night 9000, This chip is also known as out of print chip , With the release of this chip , its CPU Architecture has finally appeared in front of the public , It's a pity that it adopted the A77 core , Naturally, the performance is not very good .

It is reported that Kirin 9000 Four cores are used A77+ Tetranuclear A55 Architecture of , One of them A77 The main frequency of 3.13GHz, The other three A77 The dominant frequency of is 2.54GHz, This shows that Huawei has adopted a more advanced 5nm The process will directly A77 The main frequency of the core is higher than 3GHz.

Previously, it was suspected to be Kirin on well-known performance testing software 9000 Run score data of , Its single core fraction is more than 1000, It has surpassed the snapdragon of high pass 865, snapdragon 865 The mononuclear fraction of is about 900 branch , snapdragon 865 Of A77 The core frequency is 2.86GHz, This shows that Huawei adopts more advanced 5nm Process improvement A77 The performance of the core frequency has been improved .

Huawei has been greatly promoted A77 The main frequency of the core may bring about the effect of Kirin 9000 The fever problem of , It may be that it had to take the other three A77 The reason why the main frequency of the core is greatly reduced , To improve Kirin 9000 Single core performance .

ARM The core of the latest release of high performance is A78 and X1, high pass , United Development Section , Samsung will adopt these new high-performance cores , It is expected that the high-end chips with these high-performance cores released by the end of the year will be enough to crush Huawei's Kirin in in terms of performance 9000, This is from the previous generation of Kirin 990
5G You can see the chip .

Unicorn of Huawei 990
5G The version uses four cores A76+ Tetranuclear A55 framework , It is also through the adoption of the more advanced of the time 7nmEUV One of them is improved by technology A76 Core frequency to improve single core performance ; And high pass's Dragon 865 More advanced A77 High performance core , The end result is snapdragon 865 Its single core performance surpasses that of Kirin 990
5G chip , This shows that the intergenerational gap of the chip core can not be shortened by increasing the main frequency .

Huawei may be helpless to do so , For reasons well known , Huawei and ARM The cooperation of , This should be the reason why it cannot be adopted ARM The reason for the latest high performance core , And have to continue to use the older generation A77 core .

We can also see the clue from Huawei's propaganda , unicorn 9000 The focus of chip publicity is not on CPU performance , The emphasis is placed on the integrated transistors ,GPU,5G and AI Equal performance , We hope to emphasize Kirin by taking advantage of these advanced technologies 9000 It still has a leading edge in the industry .

Huawei as the leader of domestic mobile phone chips , unicorn 9000 It has proved its leading position in the domestic chip industry , After all, other domestic chip companies still can not come up with Kirin 9000 Comparable chip .


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