because Ubuntu The input of Chinese characters in Chinese is really unfriendly , So I installed one Sogou input method , It's not easy Set up Sogou input method , I thought I could do code happily , however ...

pycharm Once opened , It just broke down , It can't be turned off , Process killing still doesn't work , Can only shut down and restart .

I thought pycharm Something went wrong , It's been reloaded twice , Still not .

It turns out that Sogou input method and fcitx The pot of input method

alas , Just be honest fctix And Sogou input method is unloaded :

(1)Ubuntu Uninstall in software fctix, Then the keyboard input method system is changed to IBus

(2) Unloading Sogou input method
Find the software first sudo dpkg -l sog* uninstall sudo dpkg -P sogoupinyin In settings , choice Language Support
Lieutenant general fcitx Revised as IBus Remove software completely sudo apt-get purge fcitx Remove some legacy dependencies sudo apt-get
(3) then , It's easy to use , It could be jetbrains There is a compatibility conflict between your product and this input method

Finally, I thought of a compromise , utilize Teamviewer, Remote synchronous replication is also possible , Use it alternately , Make good use of