In earlier years iPhone 4
After release , A family named “ Nicai mobile phone factory store ” Shop , Like bamboo shoots springing up all over the streets and lanes , At that time, Nicai was the biggest brand of Shanzhai machine , Realistic appearance , cheapness , Nicai passes through the Shanzhai iPhone 4
Attracted a lot “ Apple users ”.  

   recently , Huawei's latest flagship Mate40 Series by a domestic ivvi The manufacturer of Shanzhai , Launched a mobile phone that is known as making a thousand yuan ——ivvi Mate40.

   according to ivvi Official store page display ,ivvi Mate40 Postposition 5000 Megapixel five shot , Carrying snapdragon 865 processor ,10GB+256GB Storage mode of , Dual mode support

  ivvi Mate40 And Huawei in appearance Mate40 The series are particularly similar , Especially the design of rear camera , Almost completely copied Mate
Series iconic “ Star Ring ” Design , use “AICAMERA” Replaced Huawei Mate40 original “LEICA”logo, The location of the flash was changed .

   The front of the machine is designed with water drop screen , From the picture , The frame is narrow and even surpasses some big domestic mobile phone manufacturers .

   This seems like a powerful configuration ,898 Can you really buy back the price of yuan ? The answer is No .

   Once Apple's products have always been a popular choice for many copycat manufacturers , After the launch of new products every year , What followed was the Shanzhai in Huaqiangbei iPhone advertisement .

   Shanzhai Huawei Mate40 The series also represent the popularity of Huawei mobile phones in the market , The more people like it , More and more popular , Shanzhai manufacturers began to copy , Plagiarism , Want to rely on the popularity of Huawei's brand to speculate and gain profits .

   It has been reported recently that ,2020 Nianshanzhai apple AirPods Has reached 6 100 million pieces , It's genuine 6 times !

   If there is demand, there will be a market , This is the reason why Shanzhai manufacturers can survive safely .