Gather micro network message ( writing / Indreich ),9 month 4 day , Reuters quoted Japanese economic news report , Japan's Sony and memory chip maker Keio (Kioxia Holdings
Corp) We are actively applying for Huawei's supply license to the US Department of Commerce .

   Huawei (@ Reuters )

   If this message is confirmed , Sony and Kingman will follow the pace of major chip manufacturers applying for supply license to China . According to previous reports of major media , Among them, Intel and AMD Huawei's supply license has been successfully applied for .

   At present, Sino US relations are at a low point for decades , Washington has issued a series of technical sanctions against Huawei in the past two years .

   Huawei is one of Sony's largest customers of image sensors for smartphones , Jiaxia is the world's second largest manufacturer of flash memory chips , It is also an important supplier of Huawei .

   It was previously reported by jimicronet , In its latest release IPO It is pointed out in the document , U.S. ban on Huawei threatens the whole NAND Flash Market oversupply , Prices are down .

   Armored man warned before , US restrictions on Huawei could lead to oversupply of memory chips and lower prices .9 month 28 day , According to a statement on its website , Neither Jiaxia nor the lead underwriter thinks it's a push now IPO
The best time for , And said that it would consider another appropriate time to promote IPO.

   To solve the problem of applying to the US Department of Commerce to supply goods to China , A Sony spokesman said , The company abides by all regulations , But can't comment on specific customers . A spokesman for the knight also declined to comment .