<> Self made whole person computer program , amusing .vbs file

Today I saw an interesting little program , It can be used to trick good friends , Make them think their computers are under attack or important files are missing . Making this small program only needs to use the most common computer text documents , It's just that the save format is not commonly used .txt, It is .vbs.
Try it with me .
<> The first step

Create a new text document , It's called program software ( You can customize the name ), preservation .

<> Step two

Write statement msgbox(“ Your computer is under attack ”), If you want to write more , Line break is writing a line , Change the contents of double quotation marks , Then save it .
What does that mean , After clicking on the file , Constantly pop up the information you write , You can copy dozens or even hundreds , Fill in your own trickery sentences , And it can't be turned off , Unless you close it with task manager .

<> Step three

Step three , Change file suffix , Replace with vbs ending .

<> Step 4
You can use it now , After clicking open, the dialog box will pop up continuously , Turn off one and one . And most importantly , It's not a virus yet , So it won't be killed by antivirus software .

<> reminder

last , Please do , certain , certain , Explain it to your friends , It's just a joke ,.vbs The file is not a real virus , It's just a little program . Please don't let the trick hurt your feelings , You can also teach him the trick game , Share together .

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