Because it's not easy to experience , Many people think that autonomous driving technology , There is still a long way to go before we can be practical . This is not the case , Under the background of continuous development and improvement of technology and laws and regulations , Automatic driving technology has also accelerated the landing progress .

  10 month 12
Daily News , We learned from online channels , From now on , Baidu self driving taxi service opens in Beijing , Citizens can visit Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone , Haidian District , Dozens of self driving taxi stops in Shunyi District , No appointment required , Direct order for free trial ride of self driving taxi service .

   current , Beijing has opened dozens of sites , Among them, the site of economic development zone is the most dense , And how to experience by car , Compared with before , It's also more convenient .

   After the full opening of automatic taxi service in the city , Open Baidu map , choice “ take a taxi - Autonomous driving - Select up and down station points - Select the number of passengers - Call now Apollo
GO” And so on , You can make a direct appointment .

   But it's worth noting , At present, when experiencing self driving taxi service , Getting on and off the train all need to take a bus at dozens of designated stations . And in Baidu launched independent APP Apollo GO
upper , Navigation service available , Guide users to quickly reach the nearest boarding point .

   according to the understanding of , The opening of Baidu self driving taxi operation period from Monday to Sunday
10:00-16:00, Except for statutory holidays , During the operation period, the public in the area can make an appointment to the open boarding and alighting stations for free . Dozens of self driving taxis have been launched in the economic development zone .

   and , At present, it is in the trial operation stage , Although it's a self driving taxi , But to ensure safety , Each vehicle is equipped with a safety officer .

   In the case of normal vehicle automatic driving , The safety officer will not operate the vehicle in any way . But security officers will keep an eye on the road in real time , In case of emergency .

   According to Baidu related responsible person introduction , The opening of Beijing Robotaxi The total length of the test area is about 700 kilometre , Covering Yizhuang , Haidian , Shunyi's life circle and business circle are dozens of sites .

   Beijing is also following Changsha , After Cangzhou ,Apollo GO Robotaxi The third city with open and normalized service .