The development of mobile phones is very rapid , If you separate them by system , In the end, there are two categories , One is apple iOS system , The other is Android , In recent years, our domestic mobile phone development is very rapid , Most domestic mobile phones use Android system , You're very familiar with it , Of course, it's not just domestic phones , Except for the iPhone , Most mobile phones use Android , Because there are a lot of mobile phone brands to optimize the Android system , More in line with the use of modern people .

Huawei is one of them , And it's the best . Since the implementation of Huawei 5G After being banned by the United States , Google has also cut off business cooperation with Huawei , Refuse to offer your own Android system . This has forced Huawei into a hurry , Immediately announced their own Hongmeng system . I believe most of them have such a question , Is this a smoke bomb thrown by Huawei ? In fact, it is not , In fact, Huawei's research on Hongmeng system , It's been going on for many years , It's just that it hasn't been made public . I have to sigh here , Huawei is so deep .

Now Android has been used by many mobile phones , But it does have great disadvantages , In fact, we can feel it when we use Android phones , If the Android phone is used for a long time, it will get stuck , It greatly affects the fluency and service life of the mobile phone , That's compared to the iPhone iOS There is still a gap in the system . And Hongmeng system has added the ark compiler inside the mobile phone , It is very likely to solve the loopholes of Android system perfectly . Greatly improve the fluency of mobile phone use , Enhance user experience , Increase the service life of mobile phone .

Now Huawei's system is compatible with Android applications , Huawei's system is not only used in mobile phones , Like a computer , Flat , Cars and so on can be used , This system may also be based on the Android system to carry out the transformation , Because Huawei's mobile phones used Android system before , In fact, people who have used Huawei mobile phones should also know , Huawei's mobile phone system is excellent , The optimization is relatively deep , They have the strength to make a new system , Of course, many things are not mature yet .

It is because the technology is not very mature , I believe that there is still a huge room for improvement . As the leader of China's mobile phone market , Huawei has been trying its best to build a brand, which is obvious to all . I believe it won't take long , Hongmeng system will become the mainstream system .

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