The confirmation of Trump's new crown is a global sensation . But he is not the first national leader to confirm the new crown .

   According to ABC , Afternoon est 6 spot 15 branch , Trump, who confirmed the new crown, has put on a mask and walked out of the White House , Towards his royal vehicle, marine one (Marine
One). period , He waved to the crowd occasionally , But did not stop to accept any reporter's questions .

   According to NBC financial channel (CNBC) report , local time 10 month 2 day , Former U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Director Scott Gottlieb
The doctor said in an interview , He thinks the White House is deciding to use it for trump Regeneron( Regenerant ) Pharmaceutical company's experimental new coronavirus antibody cocktail therapy before , All treatments must have been carefully considered .

  Gottlieb stay CNBC Of 《Fast Money》 It's said in the program ,“ Giving trump active treatment is a perfectly appropriate decision , Then there is the question of which treatment to choose .”

Second from the left :Scott Gottlieb

   Since trump was diagnosed , White House “ Out of great caution ” Send it to Walter Reed National Military Medical Center .

Trump arrives at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center

  Gottlieb Added :“ I won't choose between them Regeneron Nothing can be inferred from the fact that the products of other pharmaceutical companies are not . As far as they know ,Regeneron
The antibody cocktail seems to be the most effective product .”

   however , Not everyone in the medical world is like that Gottlieb
The decision to give trump an experimental treatment was also agreed . Some people offer this to the president “ Special treatment ” Expressing concern , Because the drug has not yet been approved by federal regulators ; Others point to the limited data available for the product .

   Just like a doctor in Twitter It's like the comment :“ no data ,VIP Drugs don't mean better drugs .”

   The White House did not immediately respond CNBC Comments on the decision to inject trump with antibody drugs .

  Regeneron confirm , It has been provided to trump 8 Gram dose REGN-COV2 Therapeutic drugs . The drug is still in the experimental stage , Not yet available FDA
Emergency use authorization for , But it provides a sympathetic response to the use request .

   according to CNBC report , In connection with Regeneron Chief scientific officer George Yancopoulos
After talking to the doctor, I learned that ,“ A limited number of patients ” The drug was also accepted on this basis .

  REGN-COV2 It's two monoclonal antibodies (REGN10933 and
REGN10987) The combination of , Designed to block novel coronavirus that causes novel coronavirus pneumonia . It simulates the human body's response to foreign invaders . Its purpose is to enhance the defense ability of the immune system , Instead of waiting for the human biological process to complete its work .

   These antibodies come from genetically modified mice with a human immune system , And antibodies identified from novel coronavirus pneumonia rehabilitative patients . Two effective virus neutralizing antibodies were formed REGN-COV2. according to
Regeneron call , The antibody cocktail is associated with the spike protein of new coronavirus (S protein ) There is no competitive binding between the key receptor binding domains of , It reduces the ability of the mutant virus to evade treatment , So as to protect the human body from mutation S
protein . Preclinical studies have shown that ,REGN-COV2 It can reduce viral load and associated damage in non-human primates .

   local time 9 month 29 day ,Regeneron Said on its website , their REGN-COV2
Treatment improved symptoms and novel coronavirus pneumonia in hospitalized patients with mild to moderate pneumonia . This is based on the previous 275 Data of trial patients . The company said at the time , Planning and inclusion FDA
Internal regulators “ rapid ” Discuss early results .

   stay Regeneron initial 275 Average age 44 Among the participants, the age of ,49% Of the participants were men ,51% It's a woman ; about 56% It's Hispanic ,13%
It's African American ,64% Novel coronavirus pneumonia is a potential risk factor for one or more severe new crown pneumonia. , Including obesity ( exceed 40%).

   in addition ,Regeneron It's not the only company to develop antibody drugs , Lilly and GlaxoSmithKline are also testing monoclonal antibodies , Experts believe this is novel coronavirus pneumonia treatment .

   In a memo provided by the White House on Friday , Trump's doctor Sean Conley say :“ As a precaution , The president accepted Regeneron Antibody cocktail therapy .”Conley
He also wrote , Trump is still tired , But the mood is good .

   A person familiar with the matter said , Trump has had a fever since Friday morning .

   in addition , According to the news agency , Trump's aides began to feel him on Wednesday “ Feeling unwell ”,“ Seems exhausted ”, But he thinks it has something to do with his busy campaign schedule .

  《 New York Times 》 The same report said , Trump seemed to be at a fundraising event on Thursday “ be in the blues ”, It's said to have returned from the rally on Wednesday , He was still asleep on his plane .

  Gottlieb express , If Trump is to novel coronavirus pneumonia, he will be treated early. , Probably the first thing that comes to mind is Gilead science remdesivir( Remdesivir ). Because it has been acquired FDA
Emergency use authorization for , But it only applies to critically ill inpatients .

  Gottlieb say :“ I thought they were going to use radsey , Because there's a lot of data on this drug .” He added , He was right Regeneron
The therapeutic effect of “ optimistic ” attitude , But it may be too early .

   however , For trump to accept Regeneron The saying that treatment should arouse vigilance ,Gottlieb
Refuted . He said , Almost all other Americans , When they diagnosed the novel coronavirus pneumonia , They will be monitored by medical professionals , I hope the symptoms don't get worse .

say :“ For the president of the United States , If you have a treatment available , I think you will provide treatment , Especially if you know the safety of these products , And you believe it's safe , It won't make his condition worse .”

   however , Some doctors are skeptical about the decision to treat trump with antibody drugs .

   Assistant professor of medicine and licensed hematooncologist at the University of California, San Francisco Vinay Prasad The doctor is here Twitter
It says :“ Handing over unproven things to powerful people , It's bad science and bad medical ethics .”

   Chest specialist in Seattle Vin Gupta
The doctor added :“ I want to say , I've never heard of a patient , Especially important people like the president , He received an experimental antibody cocktail therapy .” He also called on the White House to provide more information .

   except Regeneron Antibody cocktail therapy , Trump also took zinc , vitamin D And famotidine ( histamine H_2 Receptor blockers ).

  Gottlieb say , Famotidine treatment is still only “ Speculative ” Of , Although researchers are studying novel corontin in patients with novel coronavirus pneumonia . He added :“ Studies have shown that , If you lack vitamins
D, Vitamin supplement D It's good , But you'd better supplement it before you get sick . I don't think there's anything wrong with these drugs or they could cause harm , I just don't know if they will provide a therapeutic effect in this case .”

   in addition , CATV News Network (CNN) Trump's focus on novel coronavirus pneumonia is the focus .

   Trump already has several risk factors , It belongs to high risk group . The details are as follows :

   Age : According to the Centers for Disease Control and prevention (CDC) Data for , And 18-29 Compared with young people ,65-74 The risk of hospitalization is higher in the age group 5 times , The risk of novel coronavirus pneumonia is higher.
90 times .

   Obesity : According to him 4 Monthly physical examination report , Trump weight 244( about 111 Kg ) pound , height 6 foot 3 inch ( about 191cm). This brings his body mass index to
30.5. In theory , If it's mild obesity , according to CDC Data for , Obesity has increased the novel coronavirus pneumonia risk by two times .

   Male : Trump is a man . According to authoritative health agencies , The novel coronavirus pneumonia is more likely for men to die or suffer from severe new crown pneumonia .

   other : I don't know if trump has any other diseases that might put him in a high-risk group . According to his recent physical examination , His blood pressure is only slightly elevated . There is no evidence that he has cancer , nephropathy , Diabetes or other diseases that put people at higher risk .