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It's been a week since the Huawei developer conference , I also asked some big cattle of Hongmeng development group these two days , forerunner , about harmony
os, I heard a lot of voices , As a little white with learning attitude , I'd like to talk about my personal opinion ( A point I wrote a few days ago was predicted by me ) okay , Today's talk is divided into two parts : What is Hongmeng and its biggest selling point .
First of all, what is Hongmeng , without doubt , A new operating system , Of course, many people say it's Android shell , I don't think so . Look at the picture 1: First of all, you can clearly see that the kernel is linux
And Huawei's own liteos, this linux My personal guess is that it must have been segmented linux, There is only the most basic clock , interrupt , Process management and other functions of a minimalist kernel , Because we can see that Huawei will be a lot like security ,io And other functions are put in the upper subsystem of the kernel , This accords with the design idea of microkernel , At the same time, the core , The most important function that can affect the efficiency of the operating system is at the kernel level , It's a beautiful design . As for why the Internet of things is related liteos Put it on the bottom , Here's a foreshadowing , People who see this picture must have seen a very interesting place , Why is there a special distributed module in the system service layer ? Hongmeng is not a mobile phone operating system ??ok And then the question above , Open the biggest selling point of Hongmeng — Soft bus . As the name implies, soft bus and hard bus should be a pair of categories , So called bus , To put it bluntly, it is a hardware device that links all parts of a computer together , Data information can be realized , The control information is in the arithmetic unit , controller , storage ,io And so on . Traditional bus integration in one pc On the motherboard , It belongs to hardware equipment . Huawei's soft bus is to turn the visible motherboard into invisible electromagnetic wave , Through the wireless communication between the various terminals , this point , Two conditions need to be met , The first is the agreement , The second is speed . The agreement problem is just the foreshadowing that I buried above , That's it litos As the kernel of the operating system , Can provide protocol unified , Realizable iot A set of ecological unity api, This solves the problem of the agreement . The next transmission speed issue , I don't have to say that , Huawei can be said that no one is right in this respect , It's cheap and fast 5g Enough to meet bandwidth requirements . OK, now we can see what Hongmeng wants to do for the first time , He's not targeting Android ios Such a traditional operating system , It's about using it 5g Technology to establish a soft bus based on the technology iot ecology , As for the relationship between Hongmeng and Android, I'll talk about it later ( I'm tired of typing on my cell phone ). I know someone must have asked , What's the difference between this and the cloud service in rotten streets . Ha ha ha , This problem can be clearly illustrated by a personal example : Cloud services can be seen as a simple client
-server structure , There are clients and servers , Obviously as a provider of computing power ,server The core of this structure , Is the traditional cloud service effective , It depends on whether your cloud server is powerful enough . But Huawei's soft bus structure is obviously the bus is the core , You have a refrigerator with Hongmeng system in your house , On board gps, The smart screens in the living room are the contributors of computing power on this bus , If the soft bus ecology is regarded as a computer , Then the processor of every intelligent device is one of the calculators alu, One alu Can only do simple arithmetic logic operation , however n individual alu When unified , There will be infinite possibilities . last , No need for me , Why does Huawei want to use micro kernel , Because Hongmeng is not only a mobile phone or tablet operating system , It should also be able to drive every smart device , Android can , One doesn't need to wifi,
unwanted gui Interface , No need for multitasking, the dash cam is equipped with Android , Will raise the threshold of hardware , Cause instinct to sell 100 We've got a piece of stuff 300. Hongmeng as a latecomer , See that , Therefore, it retains the most basic functions , Put a lot of things on the subsystem , Hardware manufacturers can split the subsystems according to their own business needs , At the same time, it will not affect liteos Unity brought about by . It's done 12 It's too much , These views are not groundless , After reading the official documents and communicating with some developers , My personal supervisor also hopes that Hongmeng can go out of his own way  Thanks to the developers behind Hongmeng system and those who will contribute to Hongmeng ecology .