After the outbreak Which programming has a bright future , For beginners of programming , The biggest difficulty is not knowing where to start , I don't know which programming language to choose .
   You've been told to learn Java, Because more people are using it now ;
   Some people tell you to learn first Python, Easy to learn , It is the preferred language in the era of artificial intelligence ;
   Someone will tell you to study first JavaScript, Master it and be invincible .
   Which programming language should you learn ?
   Whether you're new to it , Or do you plan to learn another language to improve yourself , You need to know which programming languages are the most promising today .
   therefore , We have arranged this article , For your reference .
   Now let's introduce the top ten programming languages in detail .
  1,Java: The undisputed winner

   Same as a year ago ,Java Still the most popular programming language . according to TIOBE Data display of , For decades ,Java More than any other language . Many well-known companies use it Java To develop software and applications , So if you happen to like it Java Or learning Java, You don't have to worry about finding a job .Java The main reason for its popularity is its portability , Scalability and huge user community .
  2, classical C language

   As one of the oldest programming languages ,C Still at the top of the list , Thanks to its portability and Microsoft ,Oracle And technology giants like apple adopt it . It is compatible with almost all systems , It is suitable for operating system and embedded system . Because the runtime environment is relatively small , therefore C It's the perfect choice to keep this system streamlined . It is strongly recommended for beginners to learn C, It's actually a general language for programming languages , It has spawned an equally popular derivative language , such as C++ and C#.
  3,Python: Rising

   past times 15 in recent years ,Python The popularity of . Over the past few years , It has always been able to make it to the top TIOBE Before index 5 Location of name . As today's artificial intelligence , machine learning , The main language behind some of the most promising technologies, such as big data and robotics ,Python In recent years, it has accumulated a large number of fans . You will be surprised to find learning Python be prone to , That's why Xiaobai and many experienced developers choose Python Reasons for being a second or third language .
  4,C ++ Continue to dominate
   This object-oriented programming language in the 20 century 80 Developed in the era , Still applies from the desktop Web Application to server infrastructure . Because of flexibility , High performance and can be used in a variety of environments ,C
++ It's still very popular . with C++ Work for the industry usually requires the development of desktop applications for performance intensive tasks . master C++ You can learn more about programming languages , Help to acquire low-level memory processing skills .
  5,Visual Basic .NET
  Visual Basic
.NET It's from Microsoft OOP Language one , Combined with .NET The powerful functions of the framework's classes and runtime environment . It comes from VB6 Derived from , Good at development GUI application program , Simplify tasks for programmers , And increase productivity . For programmers , except Web Services and Web Outside development ,VB.NET Also for the Windows The platform provides a fast and simple way to develop desktop applications .
  6,JavaScript essential

   Now all software developers use it in some way JavaScript. And HTML and CSS Use together ,JavaScript For the front end Web Development is essential , To create interactive web pages , And dynamically display the content to the user . exceed 90% Web sites using this language , It's also one of the friendliest programming languages that beginners can get started with . therefore , If you master it JavaScript, There is no shortage of opportunities . however , You need to learn other supportive languages and frameworks , To become a professional front-end developer specializing in desktop and mobile application or game development .
  7,C#: Favorite of game developers

  C# Is a modern object-oriented programming language , Developed by Microsoft , It was widely used by commercial software developers at that time Java Against each other . It is designed to develop applications on the Microsoft platform , need Windows On the .NET Frames work . have access to C# Develop almost all applications , But it's especially good at it Windows Desktop applications and game development .
  8, be used for Web Developed PHP

  PHP It is mainly used on the server side for Web development , Accounting for about 80%.Facebook It was originally used PHP,PHP stay WordPress The role played in the content management system makes it very popular .PHP Several frameworks are provided , such as Laravel and Drupal, Help developers build applications faster , Higher scalability and reliability . therefore , If you're looking for Web Development position ,PHP It's a good choice .

   Despite other database technologies , But this standard query language for managing databases has been dominant for the past four decades . The reason is that it is simple , reliability , Everywhere , And an active community that helps keep this open source language alive . Compared with other languages , Beginners are usually easier to learn SQL; In terms of career development , High paying jobs like data analysts are required SQL You have to understand .
  10, Programmers like it R

   In recent years ,R The demand for a programming language and the number of people using it are increasing rapidly . For data scientists ,R It's statistics , The first choice of graphic representation and data visualization analysis . It has become a big data tool , It can be applied in some fields of machine learning and scientific computing .R The scope and prospects of programming languages are promising , For people interested in data science , It is absolutely a kind of stability , Career choice of rich scenery .
   stay 2020 year , believe Java It's still hot , Choosing this programming language is certainly no problem for future employment .
   With the popularization of artificial intelligence ,AI It's getting hotter and hotter , Annual salary 80 Ten thousand talents , The best programming language for AI Python The heat is also rising !
  C/C++ Big brother as a programming language , It needs rigorous logical thinking , Some say he's hard , But it cannot be replaced in its unique field !
   You can choose the right programming language according to your interests and career planning , You can take the time to compare each programming language , Choose your most suitable programming language .