Now life is getting more and more stressful , Jobs are getting harder to find , In particular, it is even more difficult to find a suitable one in all aspects , therefore , Many people choose to start their own businesses at home , So what do you do at home to make money ? What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

1, Part time job only

If you are willing to be a small white-collar with stable income , Try a part-time job first . Currently in Beijing , Shanghai , Guangzhou and other big cities , It is a common phenomenon for white-collar workers to do part-time jobs . What can a part-time job do ? Part time jobs have high and low positions , It depends on the ability of each individual , It depends on the opportunity . however , No matter what kind of part-time job , Can exercise ability , Accumulate experience , At the same time, it can also accumulate a certain amount of funds , It doesn't take up working time , Don't give up your present job , It can just make up for the short board of white-collar workers who want to start a business , Kill two birds with one stone .

matters needing attention : When white-collar workers choose part-time jobs , We must pay attention to combine with our own specialty and future development direction . Part time job is to shorten the distance of self employment , Shorten the distance from the worker to the boss , If you fall into the limitation of taking part-time jobs for part-time jobs , Haggle over small profits in front of you , And forget the exercise of their own ability and the accumulation of resources , That's a bit more than the gain . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

Nothing is not terrible , What's terrible is that you don't have the heart to make progress and super executive power , With the popularity of the network , The Internet is becoming more and more suitable for the poor to start their own businesses , Because the cost of investment is very low , It's also very profitable , This gives us a lot of opportunities , Let the poor start their own businesses , You can make money with technology on the Internet , You can also make money by selling products and services , The selectivity is much greater than before , And customers can also be found on the Internet . Xiaobian used to work in factories , Then came into contact with the Internet , Slowly full time in the Internet , By doing projects on the Internet , Life is still rich , There is still no problem in earning hundreds of thousands of yuan a year . When I was confused , Also a friend recommended to read a book called
Mofan network notes
E-books for , Just grew up , There are a lot of dry goods and methods in it , I grew up learning step by step , It is suggested that brothers who want to start a business can observe it , It will be very helpful to you , The Internet is very developed , You can find it by searching , I won't mention that .

2, Pay attention to sideline business

It's a good project to make money by doing sideline work , Doing a sideline job outside of one's own work can make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and the relationships established . What can a part-time job do ? This is a characteristic of white-collar workers , It's also an advantage for white-collar workers , Learn to make full use of the resources accumulated in the work and the established relationships to start a business , Can greatly reduce the risk of entrepreneurship . Because it is equivalent to the continuation of the original work , Seamless connection , Entrepreneurship is also easy to embark on the road to success .

matters needing attention : Pay attention not to confuse individual business with unit business , Turn the work order upside down , Even if it's profitable, it's your own business , The unprofitable or loss making business belongs to the unit , It's not just a moral risk , And it is likely to be punished by law . in addition , We should distinguish the main business clearly , side hustle , Not because of their own entrepreneurial activities affect the work of the unit . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

3, Joint venture

Some white-collar workers don't have time to start their own businesses , But it can provide some funds , Or have certain business experience and business channels , At this time, you can find partners to start a business together . What can a part-time job do ? However, at the beginning of starting a business, partners must first distinguish responsibilities , power , benefit , We can't wait until we make money . We see countless partners in business cooperation , Before the company made a profit , Both sides can live in harmony , Harmony , Once the company makes money , And the conflict began to emerge , Sometimes it's out of control . This is most partnerships , It's going on , In the middle , The reason for the final defeat .

matters needing attention : What you need to pay attention to when you start a business with a partner : responsibility , power , Profit must be clearly distinguished , It's better to write in writing , Signed by both parties , There is a witness , In case you don't know what to say . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

4, Color consultant

This is a group of mysterious people in the city , They go in and out of high-end office buildings , Dress well , Speaking in a proper way , Extraordinary temperament , They're not very busy , But it has a lot of income ; They're not brilliant , But it was recognized by the high-level circle of the big gang —— because , They can discover charm , Make a miracle ! With very little investment , You can have your own color studio . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

5, Break up gift shop

break up , What else can I give you, whether it's willing or not , There are always many men and women in the world of mortals . In one's life , There have been people who love you , People you love , But you don't have to marry someone who loves you or you . It was always beautiful , If we give up at this moment, some can remember and bless the gift to each other . It's also a kind of comfort ! Open a room 《 break up , What else can I give you 》 Such a special gift shop . A blessing to more lovers who have no chance to get together , Maybe it can move the old man , Let him connect the red line again . ha-ha !

6, Career prediction shop

It's hard to find a job , It's harder to get a satisfactory job . If a set of related software is used , Conduct a special test for each job seeker , Guide the maze , There must be a market . It is best to open such a small shop near the University . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

7, Living room clinic

Without damaging the decoration , Solve pipeline shortage , Clogged Drain , Dark line fault , Some problems such as water seepage of concealed pipe in the wall . Of course, professional skills are needed .

8, Second hand luxury consignment shop

Fashion has become Jianwai SOHO Label for . It's right here “ label ” Behind , However, some people use their actions to make a different interpretation of fashion , Create a grass-roots model of second-hand fashion with persistence , This is the luxury consignment shop .LV handbag ,PRADA glasses , Cartier Watch …… They have a common label —— second-hand . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

9, Toy hospital

Now the price of toys is getting higher and higher , More and more complex functions , Once damaged , Did you keep it , hesitate to discard sth. , It would be nice to have a toy hospital . Healing Hotel : There are always bad times in one's life , I hope one can find a quiet place to reflect . Such a lure , There's a psychologist to listen to , A place of entertainment for catharsis , There are quiet and warm rooms , Let people forget the trouble , Adjust mentality .

10, Open theme restaurant

such as “ Carry on the romance to the end ” It's a fun restaurant for young people , All the designs in the store are based on 2 Individual calculation , A stool can only sit 2 personal , Dishes are also flying together .“ Health restaurant for the elderly ” It is for the elderly to open a special nutritional package according to the specific situation of the elderly restaurant . What do you do in Shanghai to make money fast ? this 10 You can have a try !

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