Huawei has been in a lot of trouble recently .

Many of their hardware providers , Software partners , The cooperation with Huawei has been suspended temporarily . From hardware to software , No company in history has suffered such injustice , It happened ( Maybe ) Caught up by Huawei .

A few months ago , Huawei declared itself in a state of war . Maybe I had expected to be the victim of the trade war .

Huawei recently launched a new model “ Hongmeng ” operating system , It is said to be based on android reform , Compatible with all kinds of android application .

Google's android Source official website has such a paragraph :

As Android Open source project leader ,Google Responsible Android Maintenance and follow-up development work . although Android
It consists of several sub projects , But strictly speaking , It's just for project management . We will Android
The whole is regarded as a software product ( Instead of replaceable parts “ Release ”, Specification or collection ), And manage according to this principle . We hope that all the equipment manufacturers have to do is to Android
Porting to their devices , There is no need to implement a specification or build a “ Release ”.

Obviously , Huawei wants to build its own ‘ Release ’.

For open source systems , It's not a big problem to be used by commercial companies , But the problem is , Code newly added or modified by users , Once used in business , Should we open source ?

Alibaba's cloud os, No , Baidu has done one before os, Of course, it doesn't seem to be .

therefore , Open source code is adopted , And not open source the R & D achievements based on it , It seems to have become a common practice .

” Open source agreement “ Is it a decoration for some companies ?

Cathedrals and markets :

software development , It's a process like this , First of all, a small prototype came out , Some people use it , They are advance testers , They were the first to eat crabs . After several rounds of software iteration , Test cycle , Software becomes perfect .

Some software development thinkers think that , Cathedral style ( General software company ) Software development testers only have internal staff , And the software developed by the market , It is equivalent to having been put on the market for sale , Observe and observe , So after the discussion of open source experts , modify , Software more robust , Quality is more trustworthy .

Before a system that hasn't been used by the public has come out , It's a big publicity campaign , Are some of them not safe enough ?

talk is cheap, show me the system!!! What is the effect of Hongmeng system ? We'll see .