hello everyone ! I was optimized by bear SEOER, stay seo Optimization of this industry has been in practice 7 More than years , Optimized a lot of personal and corporate websites , According to the experience of many years, a lot of optimization experience has been summed up , Most websites now , In particular, the basic nature of the unit website is to use CMS System , today , Here I would like to share a few of my contacts over the past few years CMS Characteristics of system optimization , I hope it can help you .

One , DedeCms (dedeCMS)

My first contact is dream weaving (dedeCMS) Content management system ,2013 year , At that time, dream weaving was the most popular time , Often used as a personal portal , Information and corporate websites , It's just because the team was disbanded in the late stage of dream weaving , There are too many loopholes , No team maintenance , Leading to weaving dream now the user has been lost , Although still a lot of website company uses weaving dream now , But they're basically two open versions , without php Second opening capacity , Under the current safety environment, we suggest you use it with caution , Because of the frequent hanging horse, not only let the online supervisor find the door , about seo It's a devastating blow , Hard optimization results will disappear because of one loophole .

System features : It is easy to operate , Fast station construction . If you like a template , Can quickly set up the website , Just make a simple change , Suitable for understanding a little code, but do not need to write a lot of code SEOer;

Clear structure , Intuitive directory tree .

shortcoming : The system code is open , No team maintenance upgrade , It is easy for hackers to modify the page elements of the website or replace the pages directly by hackers .

Two ,PageAdmin Cms

pageadmin It's the second one I came into contact with cms, Because dream weaving cms The problem of frequent explosion of vulnerability , Many customers with dream weaving reflect that the site is always hanging horse ranking disappeared , So there is an urgent need to find a security and functionality can meet the requirements cms, After a lot of testing , Finally, I chose pageadmin.

PageAdmin The system is usually used in enterprise station , School and government websites , With dream weaving ,phpcms Etc cms The dissolution and decline of the team , Look at the whole thing cms industry ,pageadmin It's the most mainstream at present cms system , It's also what I'm using now cms.

System features : Complete functions , Flexible expansion , The system provides many practical plug-ins , Such as payment function , Ordering plug-ins ,office turn pdf, Keyword links and other plug-in functions , It can meet the functional requirements of most business websites .

Optimization features :PageAdmin CMS It's very safe , Update frequency is also good , At present, it maintains the evaluation rate of two to three major updates a year , Template making is relatively other cms It's convenient ,
Benefit Baidu ,360 And other mainstream search engines , Once included by search engines , Index and included data will be displayed quickly .

Three ,Discuz! Community content management system

Discuz! Community management system , seeing the name of a thing one thinks of its function , Generally seen in the community forum category website , The procedure is easy to understand , Even if you are Xiaobai , As long as you're in contact for a long time , More or less, you make changes to the structure of your website that you think are necessary .

1. System features : The program is powerful , There are rich plug-ins in the background, which can meet your requirements for various functions .

2. Optimization features : Quick collection , Stable ranking , Industry portal forum suitable for specificity .

Generally speaking, if do not do forum website , Not recommended discuz To do it seo optimization .

summary : These are some of the things I've been in contact with over the years CMS Optimization experience of station building system , We welcome different opinions , Learn from each other , Mutual progress .

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