For Visual Studio Code upgrade C++ Extend to 1.0 Out of version , Today, Microsoft also announced a new open source tool --Project
OneFuzz. As retired Security Risk Detection Service successor , The tool is oriented to Azure
Open source self hosted developer fuzzy test platform based on .

   Fuzzy testing is essentially a strict testing process to eliminate the exploitable security vulnerabilities , This includes inundation of relevant programs with large amounts of random data . It's quite useful, though , But implementation is often complicated .Project
OneFuzz Trying to take advantage of open source LLVM compiler , This makes fuzzy testing easier , More sustainable .

   As a result of the above progress , Mechanisms that have to be built directly into the system are now persistent . for example , Collision detection can pass asan Tool built in , Coverage tracking can be used
SanitizerCoverage(sancov) Tool built in . Looking forward to the future , These changes enable the development of unit test binaries to build various fuzzy techniques into an executable file .

   The testing framework has been used in other Microsoft Services and platforms , include Microsoft Edge and Windows. Now? , along with Project OneFuzz
The usability of is extended to developers all over the world , Can be in GitHub Visit here .

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