Baidu network disk 11 coming , stay Beta Limited experience stage , I want to try this new edition , But every day 100 The number of test places is basically finished in seconds . It's alright now , Baidu network disk 11
It's open for download , All the people can experience it , Let's follow the editor to see what changes the new edition has .

   chart 1 Baidu network disk 11 coming

   Homepage revision   Customizable toolbar Online

   Baidu network disk 11
The home page has been changed , Common service button icon zoom out , The empty space is reserved for the toolbar , Here is a small tool attached to Baidu disk . You can customize the display of the widget in the toolbar , Users can put their commonly used tools here for easy and quick opening .

   chart 2 Baidu network disk 11 Home page 3 Baidu network disk 10 home page

   Scan and upgrade   Character recognition and document establishment

   Baidu network disk 11 The scan function has been greatly upgraded , In the new edition , Scan function is not limited to scan QR code , It can also be used for character recognition and document recognition .

  “ Character recognition ” The function allows users to take photos or import local pictures to recognize and extract characters in pictures , The identified text content can be saved to Baidu disk .

   chart 4 Function diagram of character recognition 5 Character recognition effect

  “ Document scanning ” The function is to allow users to continuously shoot documents , Then Baidu disk automatically help users take photos of production PDF Document format , When generating documents, users can choose A4
Size or original size , However, the export document of this function seems to be only used by members .

   The exported document is saved to Baidu disk “ Document processing ” Under the table of contents , However, it is a pity that there are no automatic trimming and optimization functions for the captured documents , It's the original output .

   chart 6 Document scan 7 Export settings

   No longer dazzling support night mode

   Baidu network disk 11 The night mode independent switch is added , There's a switch , Users can choose whether to enable dark mode or not , There is no need to follow the system settings .

   chart 8 Night mode switch

   Member growth system fully launched   Benefits for growth

   Baidu network disk 11 Online member growth system , Members and super members can get growth value according to the rules , Then upgrade the membership level , altogether 8 Levels , Each level has different growth benefits .

  ( Upgrade to get storage space reward , Transfer times , Recovery retention period , Online decompression and other benefits ) Super members and ordinary members have different rewards .

   In Baidu network disk
11→ I → Member Center → Growth value details → You can see the growth value increase / Deduction record . Different levels of membership / Super members can also enjoy Baidu network disk combined with a third-party brand to provide “ Exclusive benefits for members ”, Receive various welfare certificates .

   However, the welfare of this growth system is different from Xiaobian's , Originally small make up thought that can let the ordinary member obtains the acceleration download time .

   chart 9 Member growth system chart 10 Exclusive benefits for members


   Baidu network disk 11 The biggest change is the growth system of members , However, this benefit is exclusive to members , And super members have real benefits , It doesn't feel like a choreographer .

   In the core function , For example, file upload and download , And the performance of the old version is not very different , There is no obvious difference , Xiaobian is to hope Baidu network disk 11 It can improve power consumption and download speed .

   Do you think Baidu disk 11 Is there anything else that needs to be improved ? Welcome to leave a message for discussion .