IDEA Java HelloWorld realization


start-up idea after , We choose new projects ;


We choose local , proposal Jdk1.8

click Ok, Then click next next


here you are idea Built in template , We don't need it here , Go straight to the next step

Choose here E Disk storage project , At will , Then create a new one HelloWorld project

Then click finish, This folder does not exist , click ok establish

Enter the main interface There is one tip Tips , Check it out , Save the prompt every time you open it

After the new project is completed , That's the effect , Now let's build a new one HelloWorld

After that , Right click HelloWorld class ,Run.



It's so simple to use idea Create a helloworld It's done , Because I used it for the first time idea, To commemorate it ,idea It's really powerful , Code hint , Specify error codes, etc , It can really help us solve this problem very quickly , But I still hope that beginners can learn from eclipse start with ,idea It's powerful , For beginners is not conducive to step-by-step investigation .

I use it idea yes 2016 Version of ,idea Interface theme for , Interface settings are OK , But I didn't set it , I'll write a set later idea Basic tutorial blog , Hope to be able to help small partners in need , It's also a memory of my own growth , It's convenient for you to check it later !!

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