Sony PS5 And NVIDIA's RTX 3080 Video card is the most popular goods abroad , But both have problems with their supplies . in especial RTX
3080, Because of the scarcity of goods , Ordinary users can't buy it , Scalpers use flash buying software to grab the goods and then increase the price and resell them , Arouse public anger . After Sony apologized , Yingweida also apologized recently .

   Here are NVIDIA Brief apology statement in official forum :

   This morning we saw retailers around the world RTX 3080 Unprecedented demand , include NVIDIA Online shopping mall . In the morning of Pacific time 6 We try to make
NVIDIA Official mall back online . Despite our preparations , but NVIDIA The mall still ushered in a lot of passenger flow , And there was an error . We can solve these problems , Sales start normal registration .

   To prevent NVIDIA Robots and cattle in the mall , We're doing everything we can , Including manual review of orders , To get these graphics cards into the hands of legitimate consumers .

   As of the morning Pacific time 6 spot , Global 50 Several major retailers have stock . ours NVIDIA Teams and partners are delivering more to retailers every day RTX 3080 Video card .

   For this morning's experience , We apologize to our customers .

   Foreign media Kotaku
express , But the truth is : You can't stop it . It's not a problem to use robots to buy short supplies , This is a symptom , The reason is that people are increasingly aware of the distance between the retail price of a commodity and the money that rich and lazy people are willing to spend in order to get their hands .

   of course , Manual review of orders may slightly reduce the use of robots , But as long as the gap between price and value remains , And consumers are increasingly aware of this , that RTX 3080
Second hand resale still dominates the first few weeks of the sale , It's just that now some people will sell it in several places , Not once 10-20 individual .

  “ It's like I'm here PS5
That's what the report says , It's very similar to the problems that fans of sneakers and street wear have faced over the years , Only on video games , There is a key exception . Sales of sports shoes are driven by the scarcity of shoes sold , These shoes are usually produced in limited quantities .

   But these graphics cards and PS5
host , It's not a limited edition . They will continue to be produced , And it will be produced for many years , So the easiest way to avoid heartbreak on the first day may be to assess if you need something like that . Because if you stick to it for a few months ( No ), Then supply will begin to match demand , And then you're very different : Why do people want to spend it
1700 Dollars buy a value 700 Video card in US dollars .”