Before answering this question, we need to know what is Web Front end Engineer , What is the main work content .Web The front-end engineer presents the data information of the background engineer to the browser according to the design effect drawing of the interface designer ,APP And a position on the app for users to browse .

To Zhilian recruitment website on some web Front end development engineer position requirements as an example :

Web Position of front end development engineer , The basic skills required are :html5,css3,javascript,JQuery,Ajax etc. , In addition to the above need to master the basic content , Several front-end frameworks need to be mastered ,UI Library and code management tools are commonly used in many work , And combined with the actual requirements of the company , Increase education , Working years , Project experience and other requirements .

From simple to deep , Learning from easy to difficult Web Front end development , My personal construction : Learn first html,css,javascript, After learning JQuery,html5,css3, Finally, upgrade learning JS Modular tools ,CSS Extended language , Mainstream front end UI frame , Code management tools and other work need to master the technical content .

in fact , If you want to learn any skill well , We must have a good grasp of the foundation , Only the foundation is firm , The foundation is firm , Only in later stage can we develop .

In addition, I would like to add that , Want to zero basic learning Web Front end development , In addition to professional development knowledge , It also has a certain aesthetic perspective , I like fast-paced life , Be able to understand and learn the latest technology in time , Only by keeping pace with the times , Only in this way can we have a broader space for development .

Recommend one web Front end learning QQ group 606721798, Welcome to join us , Every night in Tencent classroom there is a technology learning class , There will be teachers sharing dry goods , Help you to analyze and answer questions

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