1. Build a DataFrame



2. Determine whether there are duplicate items

use duplicated( ) Function judgment  



3.  There are duplicate items , You can use the drop_duplicates() Remove duplicate



4. Duplicated( ) and drop_duplicates( ) The method is to determine all columns by default ( In the example above, we look at two variables a and b Are they all repeated ).

We can also judge the repetition of a specific column .

 C.duplicated(['a'])      C.drop_duplicates(['a'])

 C.duplicated(['b'])      C.drop_duplicates(['b'])



5.  norepeat_df = df.drop_duplicates(subset=['A_ID', 'B_ID'], keep='first')

# Remove the order above UNIT_ID and KPI_ID Duplicate rows in column , And keep the first occurrence of the repeated rows

supplement : 
When keep=False Time , That is to remove all duplicate lines  
When keep=‘first’ Time , Is to keep the first occurrence of the duplicate line  
When keep=’last’ The last occurrence of the duplicate line is retained . 
( be careful , The parameter here is a string , Use quotation marks !!!)





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