use axure The effect of navigation page switching is not complicated , The general steps are as follows :
Set up your navigation bar first , It can be a few buttons , It can also be box, It doesn't matter , Meet their own page effect on the line , I delayed two button As my navigation bar , There is also a dynamic panel

Then we add the page we are ready to display in the dynamic panel
Double click the dynamic panel , Because I'm only going to do two page switches , So add another one state Just fine , If you need more page switching , You can add the corresponding number according to your own needs states

double-click state1, Enter the page , You can add the content you want to display on the page , such as , A yellow block

alike , Double click the dynamic panel , choice state2, Add content to be displayed , for example , A red color block

Let's set the navigation bar click effect
Check all the buttons in our navigation bar , Click Select in the right property panel (select), Set the selected effect in the pop-up page , I set the check button , The button turns blue , Font white

Next, let's set the interactive effect of clicking the button
Select the button small yellow , Double click in the right property panel ‘ On mouse click ’(On Click), In the pop-up box, click Set panel status (Set Panel
State), Check the setting status on the right , Choose below state1

Then click the settings on the left (Set Select), Select the one on the right that represents the yellow button rectangle,OK

Select the little red button , Repeat the above operation , This choice state2

Select the rectangle,OK

There is one more step ahead , Select all buttons on the navigation bar at the same time , Right mouse button , Select group , That is, only one button can be selected at the same time

Now you can preview the effect