When the pulse is full of dis The time of Hongmeng system , I've finished the first one demo
app, Chairman Mao said that without investigation, there would be no right to speak , Rather than sit and talk about the Tao, it is better to do it , To pass the first one app, Feel Hongmeng app Development and common ios and Android What's the difference in development .
Let me introduce myself first , One 35 Year old IT veteran , It has a front end iOS,Android,H5,React
, back-end Java,PHP,C# And many other language development experience , It feels like kumaku in the eight heavenly dragons , Know the skin of each language , You are not proficient . Today, we will compare the development of Hongmeng system with the previous development .

<> Development tools and languages

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Is there a kind of familiarity that comes from spreading , Whether you are Android developer , still JS Front end of hybrid development , There is a sense of familiarity , It feels like I go home every time I travel to the folk village .
I read an article before that said Hongmeng was c/c++ Developed , development app Also c/c++, At that time, his face was full of suspicion , But I didn't go to the proof , Now that article looks like bullshit , A misleading bunch of people , Or that sentence , No investigation, no voice . We continue

<> development tool

Huawei's own HUAWEI DevEco
Studio development tool , It's kind of similar idea and webstorm, Those who have used these two have no strangeness . There is no Chinese version at present , nothing mac edition , Some directories and items are not allowed to have Chinese , You should pay attention to it . Huawei's goal is the Starry Sea , English version more general , have access to .
At the same time, the development tools are also integrated git Version management tools such as , It is also very convenient to use in the project .

<> development language

* Support multiple languages , include Java,XML(Extensible Markup Language),C/C++ ,
JS(JavaScript),CSS(Cascading Style Sheets) and HML(HarmonyOS Markup Language)

If you use js In terms of development , Cross platform compatibility ios and Android It should be easy ,HML What the hell is that , Looks and HTML equally , It is estimated that Huawei is not satisfied html Efficiency of parser , Rewriting the parser myself , Later, I will give you a supplement after learning this content , I'll mention it here .
From the official demo Look , I hope you can pass the guess js development , In this way, the ecological threshold is lower , It's easier to enrich . As for the efficiency of implementation , tell the truth , From me 2015 Annual development WebApp Package native app In terms of , After optimization, users can hardly feel it , What's more, all of them 5 Years have passed .cpu It's been upgraded for generations . I don't doubt his efficiency , Except for very large applications . use js Experience of wechat applet , It shouldn't be hard .

<> first demo

1: Through the following two ways , Open the project creation wizard interface .

* If no project is currently open , Can be in DevEco Studio Welcome page for , choice Create HarmonyOS Project Start creating a new project .
* If the project has been opened , You can choose from the menu bar File > New > New Project To create a new project .
Create wizard from project , Select the type of equipment to be developed , Then select the corresponding Ability Template .

2: Content analysis
* src External file content and idea and webstorm similar , No special explanation
* src Internal documents , I'm here through js establish , Similar to the directory structure of most front-end frameworks
* config.json to configure app essential information ,model modular ,page Modules and so on .
* resources Place some resource files
* app.js handle app Life cycle of
* pages, Page logic processing

This is the simplest demo, There is no framework encapsulation , In real business , We need to encapsulate network requests , exception handling ,model Modules, etc , Since it is js, I believe that vue,react Wait for the front-end framework to migrate , It's not too hard , If you transplant these frameworks here , I believe that the ecology of Hongmeng system will soon rise , If it can be migrated , So little program , Mixed development app, It will soon fill the ecology .

3: hml file
Of Hongmeng system UI frame , More like a html Template writing method of , Mainstream vue frame UI It's also modular , It's easy to move people from the front .
[ Picture uploading …(image.png-6b9af4-1599896896717-0)]

3: Operation effect
There is no real machine , Its efficiency cannot be tested ,

<> What's your feeling?

Saipan didn't mention it , except Android and ios, And Microsoft WPhone, And Samsung's TouchWiz, I don't know Ali's YunOS Does it count , The others died , The incompatibility between Microsoft and Samsung has led to the death of poor ecology , Ali's YunOS, First, there are too many Alibaba applications bound , But because Google
The suppression of , I didn't live , Among them, Hongmeng has only hope , One is that he is compatible with others app, Ecology is easy to build , Very low threshold for development . Second, he was forced to fight back , Other systems belong to the bourgeoisie , It has innate weakness , Hongmeng belongs to the proletariat , Revolution is thorough , Because retreat means death .