Web What is the front end? We all know , Front end development is to create Web Page or app The process of presenting the front-end interface to the user . Front end development passed HTML,CSS and JavaScript And various technologies derived from it , frame , Solution , To realize the user interface interaction of Internet products
. Want to know about participating in Taiyuan web What to learn in front end development training course ?

web There are many front-end training institutions , But there are also some differences in the courses that each family studies ,web There is a lot of front-end training , But which one is better and more suitable , We have to make a comprehensive comparison , From many training institutions , I think Qianfeng web Front end courses are good , Share with you for reference .




web Advanced learning is adopted in front-end training courses , Test students periodically to master their learning situation . The curriculum system can meet the needs of the market , Keep up with the technology of the times , Fully meet the market requirements for front-end development engineers , Greatly enhance the market competitiveness of students . The learning contents include 7 Big learning stage :

The first stage : Front page refactoring

It contains :(PC End site layout project ,HTML5+CSS3 Basic projects ,WebApp Page layout project )

The second stage :JavaScript Advanced programming

The contents include :1) Primordial JavaScript Interactive function development project , Object oriented advanced and ES5/ES6 Application project ,JavaScript Independent R & D project of tool library )

The third stage :PC End full stack project development

The contents include :(jQuery Development of classic interactive effects ,HTTP agreement ,Ajax Advanced and PHP/JAVA Development project , Front end engineering and modular application project ,PC End site development project ,PC Front end project management system development )

The fourth stage : Mobile terminal project development

The contents include :(Touch End project , Wechat scenario project , application Angular+Ionic development WebApp project , application Vue.js development WebApp project , application
React.js development WebApp project )

The fifth stage : blend (Hybrid,ReactNative) development

The contents include :( Wechat small program development ,React Native, Hybrid application development )

The sixth stage :NodeJS Full stack development

The contents include :(WebApp Back end system development , One ,NodeJS Foundation and NodeJS Two core modules ,Express Three ,noSQL database )

The seventh stage : Big data visualization

The contents include :( Big data visualization foundation and Practice , One , Introduction to data visualization , Two ,D3.js Detailed explanation , Three , other JS library )

A perfect and can adapt to the current market syllabus of course is worth your reference , This syllabus is very good , If you're interested .

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