Today , Some games , website ,APP, The network of payment industry often receives DDOS and CC, So it's not surprising . But there are many different schemes in the protection scheme . as , Today, several colleagues are targeting at advanced defense CDN When the problem is discussed , talk about WebSocket agreement , So some non-technical people don't know WebSocket agreement ,WS Agreement and WSS Protocol principle and relationship , Let's share it today .

WebSocket The agreement is html5 A communication protocol of , This protocol is compatible with our common browsers . for example Chrome,
Firefox,IE etc . It can make the two-way data transmission between client and server more simple and fast , And in the TCP After a handshake , The connection can be persistent , At the same time, the server is allowed to push data to the client . In addition, the protocol of traditional mode is general HTTP The request may contain a long header , But only a small part of it is likely to work , So it takes up a lot of resources and bandwidth . therefore WebSocket The protocol can not only communicate in real time , Support extension ; It can also compress and save server resources and bandwidth .

WS Agreement and WSS Both agreements are WebSocket Agreed SCHEM, One of them is unsafe , One is safe . It is also a unified resource identifier . It's like HTTP Agreement and HTTPS Differences in agreements . Insecure, no certificate , The need for security SSL certificate .(SSL yes Netscape Research and development , It is used to ensure the security of data transmission in the network , It mainly uses the technology of data encryption , It can prevent data from being stolen or monitored in the transmission process .) among WSS It means that TLS Above WebSocket.WS The general default is 80 port , and WSS The default is 443 port , Most websites use 80 and 433 port .( In the process of advanced protection ,80 and 433 The website of port needs to be put on record before it can be accessed to China .) Of course, there will be other ports , If advanced defense is a solution, overseas advanced defense can be used .WS and WSS They are TCP+WS
AS WS ,TCP+TLS+WS AS WS. The server address is URL.

Finally, we will talk about the safety of Mozi WebSocket Features of the agreement : Based on TCP Above the agreement , The server is easy to implement ; And HTTP The protocol has good compatibility , It is not easy to be shielded when shaking hands , Through various kinds of
proxy server ; Data lightweight , Real time communication ; Text and binary data can be sent . Unlimited homology , The client can communicate with any server . therefore WebSocket The emergence of agreements , For many people to solve the problem of extension and compatibility protocol .

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