9 month 8 day , Guests from all over the country will gather in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center , Another time to discuss Taoism in Changsha , A star city engagement .
2020 Press conference of Yuelu Summit
  as summer goes and winter comes , A year later , This happy star city , Welcome again “ Highlight time ”.9 month 8 day , Guests from all over the country will gather in Malan mountain , Another time to discuss Taoism in Changsha , A star city engagement .

Seven years , It's like a sunny boy , Starting from Yuelu Academy , Running by Meixi Lake in Changsha , Step into Malan mountain , Growing all the way , It is as gorgeous as summer flowers . that day , Global attention , Big names from the industry get together “ Yuelu Summit ”, The spark of Internet thinking and the accumulation of Huxiang culture blend with each other , In the summer of September , Engraved into Hunan's pursuit of the new era of Internet .

Looking back on seven years , Yuelu summit infiltrated by Internet , A new look every year , From the beginning “ Huxianghui ” Small scale forum can gather thousands of people “ International Exhibition ”, Internet Yuelu summit has become a grand event and brand of mobile Internet industry .

grow up : From nothing to nothing , Seven years of spring and Autumn

Start the dream journey of mobile Internet industry

Looking back on the beginning of germination , The Internet Yuelu summit is actually a group of Hunan people “ Strategy ” Got up .2014 year , Then governor of Hunan Province , Du Jiahao, the current Secretary of Hunan provincial Party committee, organized a forum for Hunan people in Beijing . Native to Xiangtan IDG Xiong Xiaoge, founder of capital, talked about it when he offered suggestions for revitalizing his hometown , The last decade , Although Hunan out of animation Hunan army , TV Hunan army , Publishing Hunan army , Manufacturing Xiangjun, etc , But it's mostly in traditional industries , Stand at the turning point of mobile Internet , Hunan has talent base , It has practical advantages , China Mobile Internet elite 1/3 He is a Hunan entrepreneur , Mobile Internet era should be “ Mobile Hunan army ” Opportunities for rise , He suggested that Hunan Province should welcome the villagers through the , Back home , The way to build a hometown , Accelerate the gathering of Internet enterprises and talents .

The first Yuelu summit was held in Xiong Xiaoge , Yao Jinbo , Li Xinyu , Ni Zhengdong , Xu Shaochun , Zeng Zhijie , Zeng Liqing “ Huxianghui ” Under the advocation , to 2014 year 9 month 20 It was held in Yuelu Academy of Hunan University, Xiong Xiaoge's alma mater , Changsha started a dream journey of mobile Internet industry . from 2014 reach 2020, Go to No 7 The Yuelu summit of the past year has been continuously upgraded —— It's getting bigger and bigger , More and more popular ; Topic from O2O,AR, Mobile life , sharing economy , Artificial intelligence to digital new economy , The view is more and more new , The theme is becoming more and more fashionable ; The participants expanded from Hunan to national and even global mobile Internet giants , More and more openness , More and more influence . From nothing to nothing , Seven years of spring and Autumn , This discussion around the development of mobile Internet has opened a new chapter in the development of Changsha's Internet industry , Yuelu summit has become a beautiful card of Hunan , It has also become a grand event for the Internet industry in China and even the world .

Like members of huxianghui , Xiao Yongjun, Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Changsha Information Industry Park, is also the builder and participant of Yuelu summit .“ The original intention of our meeting is to pass such a grand event , Provide a better environment for entrepreneurs of Hunan origin , Cultivate more Unicorn Enterprises . In the post epidemic Era , It is more precious to hold the Yuelu summit , Not only boosting confidence in economic recovery , More development of digital new economy .”

development : From being good to excellent , Seven year development

Accelerating the rise “ The fifth city of mobile Internet industry ”

Back to Yuelu Summit 7 Behind the magnificent growth of , It is Changsha's economy in the mobile Internet industry “ New blue ocean ” realization “ Internet speed ” Perfect evolution of development .

After experiencing 7 After years of hard work , Not only launched the Internet technology brand , At the same time, it also makes Changsha a new highland of national mobile Internet innovation . In terms of economic development , Taking the development of mobile Internet as a new driving force of economic growth , Accelerating artificial intelligence , Information terminal , Breakthrough of Internet of things , Driving big data , cloud computing , Blockchain ,5G application , The rapid development of software application and other industries , Relying on industrial Internet platform construction , Enhance the development level of quantitative integration , Form a new economic growth point .

Data are the best evidence :2019 Revenue of mobile Internet industry in Changsha 1050 100 million yuan , yes 2014 Year's 15 times , In the same year, the Internet development index of Changsha was 271, It ranks sixth in the provinces and municipalities directly under the central government , Ranking first in Central China . Relying on Changsha Software Park , CLP Software Park , Xincheng science and Technology Park , A number of excellent parks such as Yuelushan National University Science and technology park have formed a synergistic development effect , They rely on and complement each other ; With different types of Internet enterprises taking root and sprouting , Technical software , Enterprises in cultural media and other fields accelerate their rise and development , Live E-commerce , Community e-commerce has become a new bright spot of online consumption growth .

Hunan Xiangjiang new area is the gathering area of Changsha mobile Internet industry development . in recent years , New area closely linked “ Three districts and one Highland ” Strategic positioning , Main attack “ Three intelligences and one autonomy ”, It provides broad space and fertile soil for the development of mobile Internet industry . at present , Hunan Xiangjiang new area takes Changsha high tech Zone as the core , Yuelu district is a development area , Formed “1+1” Software and information technology service industry layout , Formed the Meixi Lake innovation center ,58 Internet Industrial Park , Central China regional headquarters of zhubajie , R & D headquarters of science and Technology Park of Central South University , CSCEC wisdom Valley , Liandong U Valley and other characteristic industrial bases ; Gathering new cloud network , Donghua software , Xiaoyi network , China Sri Lanka information and other enterprises .

Changsha Information Industry Park as the main battlefield of Hunan Internet industry , Now it has become big data , Blockchain , Software application , artificial intelligence ,5G The gathering place of digital new economy . With the development of Changsha's Internet Ecology, it has been constantly enriched and improved , Gradually grow into a towering tree , It has become the dominant representative of Internet development in Central China . After many years of exploration and development , Changsha not only launched the Internet technology brand , At the same time, it has become the successor of Beijing , Shanghai , Shenzhen , After Hangzhou “ The fifth city of mobile Internet industry ”.

leap : From excellence to excellence , Seven years of great achievements

Continue to inject new momentum into the growth of interconnected economy

7 Years ,“ From nothing to nothing ”“ From weak to strong ” It is the rapid rise of a 100 billion industry , The seeds of the Internet industry have made great achievements in Changsha .

Relying on complete development system and mature industrial ecology , Changsha has cultivated or introduced Tuowei information , Weisheng information , Yingke live broadcast , Yujiahui , Prosperity and optimization , Anke innovation and other well-known Internet enterprises at home and abroad . among , Happy sunshine , Hunan Jingwang , Three local growing companies selected 2019 Top 100 Internet enterprises in China ; Huakai creative , Yujiahui , Science and technology innovation information , Weisheng information has been listed on the main board , Anke innovation is impacting the capital market , It has become one of the largest cross-border e-commerce enterprises in China ; In the first quarter of this year, the operating revenue of Xingsheng group exceeded 12 100 million yuan , Year on year growth of up to 708.39%, At present, the company's valuation exceeds 100 100 million yuan , Successfully entered Unicorn enterprise team ……

“ Planted Wutong tree , Attract Phoenix .” Rich planting industry fertile soil ,2014 Since , A large number of well-known Internet enterprises have settled down in Hunan .58 Home , ZTE , Singularity gold clothing , And other well-known software and Internet enterprises have set up national headquarters or regional headquarters in Hunan . only 2019 year , Changsha introduced Tencent cloud base , Didi travel , I love my family , San'an group , Xizi e-commerce and China soft International Headquarters 147 Mobile Internet industry projects ,2020 Continuous development in the year , Xinghan digital intelligence National Headquarters , Central China headquarters of CLP Xingfa , Many key mobile Internet projects such as yaodou.com have settled down in Changsha .5 month 9 day , China software development technology platform CSDN
Headquarters settled in Changsha , Software Developer Center City will be built in Changsha , Actively create the industrial ecology of developers in Changsha , Attract Chinese developers and their virtual and physical aggregation of upstream and downstream service industries , build 100 Group system with annual output value of 100 million .

Cooperation with Internet technology giants has also become a normal . The first Kunpeng server of Xiangjiang was offline in Hunan Xiangjiang new area ; Baidu announces full opening Apollo
Robotaxi Self driving taxi service ; Tencent yunqi industrial base officially launched , Set up resource docking between the two sides , The bridge of industrial cooperation …… so to speak , Every cooperation , Every development is inseparable from the foundation of industrial layout precipitation . Especially after the rapid development in recent years , Hunan Mobile Internet industry has a strong development momentum , Improvement of industrial support system , E-commerce has been basically formed , new media , Mobile life , Industrial Internet , Animation games , Mobile Internet convergence and other major industrial clusters .

As many Internet celebrities have personally experienced ,“ Hunan Province is one of the provinces that attach great importance to mobile Internet ”. Growth of knowledge , Take advantage of the situation to develop , Take advantage of the situation and leap forward , High level decision makers in Hunan have insight into the law of Industrial Development , Seize the opportunity , Precisely launch support policies , Vigorously promote the development of mobile Internet industry , Established Changsha “ The fifth city of mobile Internet industry ” The development foundation of .

2014 year , Hunan takes the lead in issuing documents and policies to encourage the development of mobile Internet industry in China ; Changsha immediately issued an action plan to accelerate the development of mobile Internet industry ; Changsha high tech Zone quickly issued measures to implement the policies of provincial and municipal governments to accelerate the development of mobile Internet industry ; province , city , Regional continuity 5 Provided annually in 4 100 million yuan industrial support special fund ……“ cold hard cash ” Planting rich soil for Industry . just as 58 Same city CEO What Yao Jinbo said ,“ Today, as long as you plant a branch in Hunan , There is a high point , You can attract many people back to Hunan to work with you to create new miracles .”