thymeleaf Simple use of grammar

Non null judgment of set

th:if="${not #lists.isEmpty( Custom collection )}"
String splicing
<span th:text="|Welcome to home, ${}!|"> // This is actually equivalent to : <span th:text=
"'Welcome to home, ' + ${} + '!'"> // Text substitution can be combined with other types of representations : <span th:text=
"${onevar} + ' ' + |${twovar}, ${threevar}|">
decimal ( rounding )
// display 1.24 th:text="${#numbers.formatDecimal(1.235, 1, 2)}"
a label - Hyperlinks
// display 1.24 <a th:href=
>view</a> <a th:href="@{/companyUser/{}/getUserByUserName>view</a>
Ternary operator judgment
th:text="'Execution mode is ' + ( ('0'!='0')? 'Development' : 'Production')"

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