Many programmers worry 35 Career crisis , And the data shows that ,40 There are few programmers over the age of , Most of them have been transferred to management posts , The rest can only be forced to leave or change careers
. however , Too long in the comfort zone , Maybe even a small company interview , It's hard to pass .

Programmer is the profession that needs to carry out lifelong learning to the end , Once you stop learning , From being eliminated , It's not far away . Programmers are busy , So it's better to look at the interview questions of big factories in your spare time , These interview questions
It may be more than you think :

Learn from the interviewing methods and experience of predecessors

Test your technical ability , Develop a sense of professional crisis

Learn more technology , Exercise your sensitivity to technology

Understand the key and difficult points of interview in large factories , Provide corresponding experience for your own work

Understand the market , Pay attention to mainstream technology , Think about the role of your technology stack

Turing question bank

Exclusive massive interview questions for programmers

Seven topic interview question bank , Each interview question will help the programmer to lay a solid foundation , Improve technical level , Be familiar with interview in large factories , Escort promotion and pay rise .


Massive question bank , Constantly updated

Java Architect's essential topic Technology , Seven topics , Tens of thousands of interview questions , Covering large factories 99% Mainstream technology stack . According to the interviewers of large factories , Real time update of real interview questions and hot knowledge points .


Two modes , Detection at any time

The practice mode provides special exercises , Interview questions knowledge points are mainstream technology and advanced necessary , Key technologies , Break through one by one .

Examination mode simulated large factory written test , Timing test , Restore the scene of written examination in big factory .


Various types , Make a review

The types of questions include single choice questions , Multiple choice questions , Completion , Question and answer , It covers the types of written examination questions in large factories . Finish the question , Automatic marking , Detailed analysis is also provided . The applet will also record your weak technology , Help you to practice again and again in the process of doing the problem later , deepen the impression .


Open internal test , Free book collection

From now on , Turing question bank small program internal test officially opened , Free of charge during the event 《 Programmer interview 》,《Linux Operating system knowledge 》 One electronic version .

《 Programmer interview 》 Compiled by a number of large plant architects , Is an interview essential omni-directional guidance series .

《Linux Operating system knowledge 》 It's a yes Linux Summary of knowledge points , Books sorted and summarized , Help you quickly build Linux Knowledge framework of operating system .

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Turing question bank small program

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Tens of thousands of interview questions waiting for you to challenge , Now share the applet , There are also opportunities to get open class audition places , Listen to the interview experience of large factory Architects !

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