finish studying java What knowledge should be mastered after the first volume of core technology to learn spring?
finish studying Java Basics , Want to continue learning JavaWeb The foundation of , I recommend the following route ( to be helpful to , Remember to like it !):

One , study Servlet and Tomcat


•Tomcat It's that simple

•Servlet Chapter one 【 introduce Servlet,HTTP agreement ,WEB directory structure , Introduction to writing Servlet program ,Servlet life cycle 】

•Servlet Chapter two 【Servlet Call graph ,Servlet details ,ServletConfig,ServletContext】

•Servlet Chapter three 【request and response brief introduction ,response Common applications of 】

•Servlet Chapter four 【request Common methods of objects , application 】

•Servlet Chapter five 【 Introduce conversation Technology ,Cookie Of API, Detailed explanation , application 】

•Servlet Chapter 6 【Session introduce ,API, life cycle , application , And Cookie difference 】

•Tomcat+Servlet The interview questions are all here

Two , study JDBC And database

• And then on , use JDBC Connect the database to do some simple addition, deletion and modification .


•JDBC【 introduce JDBC, use JDBC Connect to database , Simple tool class 】

•JDBC【PreparedStatment, Batch processing , Processing binary , Automatic primary key , Calling stored procedures , function 】

•JDBC【 affair , metadata , reform JDBC Tools 】

•JDBC【 Database connection pool ,DbUtils frame , paging 】

•JDBC Common interview questions


•Mysql Installation free configuration tutorial and common command diagram

•Oracle 11g Tutorials and installing databases

•SQLServer Installation and JDBC connect SQLServer

• Database principle

•Oracle summary 【SQL details , multi-table query , Group query , paging 】

•Oracle summary 【 view , Indexes , affair , User rights , Batch operation 】

•Oracle summary 【PLSQL study 】

• Database interview questions ( Developers must see )

• Two artifact of database 【 Index and lock 】

• Must know before interview MySQL command 【explain】

Three , Learning filter listener

• This article is enough for the introduction of filter

• Filter application 【 code , Sensitive words , compress , Escape filter 】

• This is enough for the introduction of monitor

• Monitor application 【 Count the number of websites , custom session Scanner , Kicking cases 】

• Filter monitor interview questions are all here

Four , study AJAX,HTTP,Web Front end related knowledge


•HTTP It's that simple

•HTTP The interview questions are all here

•HTTP2 and HTTPS Do you want to know ?


•AJAX The introduction is enough

•AJAX application 【 Stock case , Verification code verification 】

•AJAX Cross domain full explanation

•AJAX The interview questions are all here


•XML It's that simple

•JSON That's enough for the introduction

•XML+JSON The interview questions are all here

Five , Do one or two small projects to practice

•Java File upload details

•Web Development mode 【Mode I and Mode II Introduction to , Application cases 】

• User login registration 【JDBC edition 】

• Shopping Cart 【JavaWeb Small projects , Simple version 】

•【JavaWeb】 Customer relationship management system

•【JavaWeb】 Authority management system

• Library management system 【JavaWeb: Deployment development environment , Solution classification , books , Front page module 】

• Library management system 【 user , purchase , Order module , add permission 】

•【JavaWeb】 Library management system 【 summary 】

Six , Do you want to learn JSP?

I was educated JSP Of , Actually, it's over Servlet Learn later JSP It will be very simple ( because JSP In essence Servlet), If I had learned it again , I'll just go through it JSP, But I won't go any further JSP Custom tags for , Partial door JSTL Such knowledge points .

JSP You can go through my previous notes :

•JSP Chapter one 【JSP introduce , working principle , life cycle , grammar , instructions , behavior 】

•JSP Chapter two 【 Introduction to built-in objects ,4 Category attribute range , Application scenarios 】

•JSP Chapter three 【JavaBean Introduction to ,JSP act --JavaBean】

•JSP Chapter four 【EL Expression introduction , Access to all kinds of data ,11 Built in objects , Perform the operation , Echo data , Custom function ,fn Method library 】

•JSP Chapter five 【JSTL Introduction to ,core Tag library ,fn Method library ,fmt Tag library 】

•JSP Chapter 6 【 Traditional label of custom label 】

•JSP Custom tags are so simple

•JSP The interview questions are all here

Seven ,Spring study

you 're right , It took so much to get there Spring Learning from . about Spring Before learning , I suggest learning factory model and agency model first , It's better understood Spring Of IOC and AOP

• Explain the agency model to your girlfriend

• The packaging mode is so simple

• How many ways can you write singleton ?

• Do you understand the factory model ?

• The strategy model is so simple !

• Learn in three minutes 《 Facade mode 》

• Learn in one minute 《 Template method pattern 》

• And then we went in Spring Learning :

•Spring It's enough to read this article at the beginning

•Spring【 Dependency injection 】 It's that simple

•Spring【AOP modular 】 It's that simple

•Spring【DAO modular 】 It's that simple

•Spring IOC All knowledge in one net !【 Conclusion 】

•Spring AOP It's that simple 【 Conclusion 】

• One article brings you to know Spring affair

•Synchronized Locked in Spring Business management , Why is thread unsafe ?

•SpringMVC It's so easy to get started

•SpringMVC【 development Controller】 Detailed explanation

•SpringMVC【 Parameter binding , Data echo , File upload 】

•SpringMVC【 Calibrator , Unified exception handling ,RESTful, Interceptor 】

Advanced :

•SpringBoot It's that simple

•SpringBoot Principle of automatic configuration

•SpringDataJPA It's so easy to get started

• It can be understood by laymen SpringCloud, Missed blood loss !

• build SpringBoot+SpringData JPA Environmental Science :

• Take you to build one SpringBoot+SpringData JPA The environment of

•【 Minimalist Edition 】SpringBoot+SpringData JPA management system

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