With the development of payment industry , Various payment modes , Recent industry transformation , Changes in development rules of industrial companies , More standardized , Marketization and routinization , The operation and use of aggregate payment industry is more complex , Update faster , Great changes . It is necessary to configure Alipay gateway system. , The payment mode is more stable, safe and efficient , So building a complete and upgraded Alipay gateway is very important .

Support online banking to directly connect multiple banks , Native online banking payment interface . Merchant management , Transaction management , Channel management , account management , Automatic polling ,PC Security and stability of terminal monitoring , Automatic callback , Zero Delay .

A lot of people are struggling to study all kinds of code , Can solve this problem , But it didn't get a good solution in the end , At present, what is usually seen on the market is to use Alipay to collect the money code to resolve the two-dimensional code address and then call it to the website. , Mobile phones can only
screenshot , Open saved QR code in photo album scan , It's still very inconvenient to use , So I would like to share with you a solution to this problem .
This is my personal test results , It's awesome. , At present, no one should be able to use this scheme .

What is visa free payment ?

WeChat , Alipay does not sign the contract, immediately arrives at the account to assist through the website interface. + Combination of local clients , So you don't need to communicate with wechat , Alipay signed , Using personal wechat , Alipay can achieve instant payment online payment interface . Contract free , Free of service charge , Any website can collect money directly to your own wechat , Alipay , No trust fund , No transfer of funds HTTP Protocol communication , Automatic notification website , More secure , More reliable .

What is aggregate payment ?

Aggregate payment , It refers to the aggregation of all mainstream third-party payment channels , Multiple payment scenarios , Multiple payment methods , Through hardware and software (SDK,API,POS) The bearing situation of , Link merchants and third party payment platforms , Integrated payment service of banking system . Aggregate payment does not carry out capital settlement , But it can be customized according to the needs of merchants , And payment channels form complementary resource advantages , Flexibility , Convenience , Neutrality and other characteristics . Solve various payment tools on the market , Incompatible with each other , Business operators' pain points such as cumbersome process connection .

Application fields and objects :

It is mainly used for online collection , Some shopping malls , If you need a variety of payment methods ( Such as wechat payment , Alipay payment , UnionPay quick payment ) We must apply for account numbers to these payment channels , It is not only time-consuming and labor-consuming, but also inconvenient for unified maintenance and financial statistics . Through our company API After docking of aggregate payment system , You only need to apply for one payment from the platform , You can have multiple payment channels at the same time , Moreover, these payment channels are not restricted by superior channels . It can solve the payment problem of some industries , It is an innovative payment method .

Realize unattended , Automatically query Alipay order and notify website interface to achieve instant arrival assistance tool. , Automatic monitoring of Alipay account's immediate collection order , Timely and automatic completion of transactions , Solving , Small business and non enterprise webmasters use third-party payment platform resulting in the difficulty of website capital turnover , The service charge is expensive , The increase of commodity cost and so on .

The above is a description of Alipay gateway system and an overview of its advantages. , The model supports multiple banks , And support it PC And mobile payment , There are various amounts to be collected , Support large sum , Mobile payment is more convenient , Such as CCB mobile banking payment , These are only a few parts of the Alipay gateway system payment mode. , Detailed function module , The details of operation and payment will be listed below , If there are mistakes and omissions , Please correct me .

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